Man pages for RcmdrPlugin.RiskDemo
R Commander Plug-in for Risk Demonstration

bondCurveDrawing forward and yield curves
bondFigureBond price as a function of interest rate.
bondPriceComputing bond prices
computeRuinRuin probability computation with infinite time horizon
computeRuinFiniteRuin probability computation with finite time horizon
countries.mortMortality data
covidSmoothKalman smoothing of the covid model
dataCovidCOVID-19 statistics
dataCovidFinConfirmed COVID-19 cases in Finland
drawBarsPlotting epidemic statistics
drawBarsFinPlotting epidemic statistics with Finnish data
drawFigureEfficient frontier and return distribution figures
drawIncidencePlotting incidence curves of an epidemic
drawIncidenceFinPlotting incidence curves of an epidemic with Finnish data
drawPositiveRatePlotting the positive rate of COVID-19 tests or the tests per...
drawRuinPlotting simulations of a surplus process
drawTestsPlotting time series related to COVID-19 testing
finMortality data for Finland
fin.fcastFinnish mortality forecast
fin.lcaLee-Carter model fit for Finnish data
loglikCovidComputing the log-likelihood of the covid model
paramsYield curve parameter data
plotForecastForecasting new covid cases
plotRPlotting the effective reproduction number (R)
pop.predPopulation forecasting
popRegionsFinPopulation data on Finnish hospital districts
portfOptimPortfolio optimization for an index model
RcmdrPlugin.RiskDemo-internalInternal RiskDemo objects
RcmdrPlugin.RiskDemo-packageR Commander Plug-in for Risk Demonstration
returnsComputing expected returns and their covariance matrix
solveLundSolving Lund's exponent
solveYieldComputing bond yields
stockDataStock data
stock.priceComputing stock prices
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