Man pages for SimRVPedigree
Simulate Pedigrees Ascertained for a Rare Disease

AgeSpecific_HazardsAge-specific hazard rate dataset
ascertain_pedDetermine if a pedigree is ascertained
ascertainTrim_pedCheck to see if a trimmed pedigree is ascertained.
assign_genAssign generation number based on oldest founder
censor_pedCensor pedigree data
check_pedChecks ped_file for expected information, used before...
choose_probandChoose a proband from the disease-affected relatives in a...
create_founderCreate a new seed founder
create_mateCreate a new mate
create_offspringCreate a new offspring
create_pedFileCreate an empty pedigree
disqualify_pedInitial checks to disqualify a pedigree from ascertainment.
EgPedsExample pedigrees
eventsConstructor function for an object of class events
find_available_parentFind available parent
find_missing_parentFind parents that have been removed but are required for...
find_mrcaFind the most recent common ancestor of two pedigree members
get_affectedInfoGather information for the affected relatives
get_famInfoObtain summary information
get_gen_labsGet generation lables
get_ind_dataGet individual data for sim_pop function
get_kinshipCompute kinship matrix for the affected relatives
get_nextEventSimulate the next life event
get_onsetHazardCalculate the onset hazard for an individual
get_wait_probObtain the cumulative probability of the waiting time to the...
get_wait_timeobtain the waiting time to the next event
hazardCreate an object of class hazard.
is.eventsCheck to see if object is of class ped
is.hazardCheck to see if object is of class hazard
is.pedCheck to see if object is of class ped
new.pedCreate an object of class ped.
pedConstructor function for an object of class ped
ped2pedigreeCreate a kinship2 pedigree structure from an object of class...
pedigreeLabelsCreate pedigree labels
plot.pedPlot pedigree
reassign_genReassign generation number based on affected status
sim_founderRVstatusDetermine founder genotype at the disease locus and determime...
sim_lifeSimulate all life events
sim_nFamSimulate a nuclear family from a single founder
sim_pedSimulate a pedigree
sim_popSimulate survival data for a population sample
sim_RVpedSimulate a pedigree ascertained to contain multiple...
SimRVPedigreeSimulate pedigrees ascertained for disease status
SubtypeHazardsAge-specific hazard rate dataset with subtypes
summary.pedSummarize a sample of pedigrees
trim_pedTrim pedigree based on proband recall
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