Man pages for bqtl
Bayesian QTL Mapping Toolkit

adjust.linear.bayesUse Laplace Approximations to improve linear approximations...
a.starting.point.for.bqtlSome Introductory Comments
bqtlBayesian QTL Model Fitting
bqtl-internalInternal BQTL functions
coef.bqtlExtract Coefficients from fitted objects
configsLookup loci or effects for genetic model formulas
covarTreat locus as covariate
formula.bqtlExtract formula from bqtl object
lapadjApproximate marginal posterior for chosen model
linear.bayesBayesian QTL mapping via Linearized Likelihood
little.ana.bcA simulated dataset
little.ana.f2A simulated dataset
little.bc.markersSimulated Marker Data
little.bc.phenoSimulated Phenotype Data
little.dxMarker Map Description for Simulated Data
little.f2.markersSimulated Marker Data
little.f2.phenoSimulated Phenotype Data of Simulated Marker Map Information of Simulated Marker Map Information
locusLookup loci or effects for genetic model formulas
loglikExtract loglikelihood, log posterior, or posterior from...
make.analysis.objSet up data for QTL mapping
make.location.priorProvide a default prior
make.loc.rightKeep track of fully informative markers or states marker map specifications
make.marker.numericTranslate a marker.frame.object to numeric matrix
make.regressor.matrixCreate regressors using expected marker values
make.state.matrixCreate state.matrix.object
make.varcovCreate moment matrices
map.indexLook up numerical index(es) of map locations
map.locationReport map location
map.namesLook up names of markers or loci
marker.fillMap Positions Between Markers
marker.levelsDefine marker level codes by chromosome location
predict.bqtlfitted values from QTL models
predict.linear.bayesResiduals or Predicted Values for linear.bayes objects
residuals.bqtlResiduals from QTL models
summary.adjSummarize Laplace approximations
summary.bqtlSummarize bqtl object methods for basic data objects
summary.swapSummarize Gibbs samples for a k-gene model
swapMCMC sampling of multigene models
swapbc1Sample BC1 or Recombinant Inbred loci via approximate...
swapf2Sample F2 loci via approximate posterior
twohkOne and Two Gene Models Using Linearized Posterior
twohkbc1One and Two Gene Models Using Linearized Posterior
update.bqtlGet loglikelihoods for many models of a common form
varcovCreate moment matrices
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