Man pages for brms
Bayesian Regression Models using 'Stan'

add_criterionAdd model fit criteria to model objects
add_icAdd model fit criteria to model objects
addition-termsAdditional Response Information
add_rstan_modelAdd compiled 'rstan' models to 'brmsfit' objects
arSet up AR(p) correlation structures
armaSet up ARMA(p,q) correlation structures
as.brmspriorTransform into a brmsprior object Posterior Draws
as.mcmc.brmsfitExtract posterior samples for use with the 'coda' package
AsymLaplaceThe Asymmetric Laplace Distribution
autocor.brmsfit(Deprecated) Extract Autocorrelation Objects
autocor-termsAutocorrelation structures
bayes_factor.brmsfitBayes Factors from Marginal Likelihoods
bayes_R2.brmsfitCompute a Bayesian version of R-squared for regression models
BetaBinomialThe Beta-binomial Distribution
bridge_sampler.brmsfitLog Marginal Likelihood via Bridge Sampling
brmFit Bayesian Generalized (Non-)Linear Multivariate Multilevel...
brm_multipleRun the same 'brms' model on multiple datasets
brmsfamilySpecial Family Functions for 'brms' Models
brmsfit-classClass 'brmsfit' of models fitted with the 'brms' package
brmsfit_needs_refitCheck if cached fit can be used.
brmsformulaSet up a model formula for use in 'brms'
brmsformula-helpersLinear and Non-linear formulas in 'brms'
brmshypothesisDescriptions of 'brmshypothesis' Objects
brms-packageBayesian Regression Models using 'Stan'
brmstermsParse Formulas of 'brms' Models
carSpatial conditional autoregressive (CAR) structures
coef.brmsfitExtract Model Coefficients
combine_modelsCombine Models fitted with 'brms'
compare_icCompare Information Criteria of Different Models
conditional_effects.brmsfitDisplay Conditional Effects of Predictors
conditional_smooths.brmsfitDisplay Smooth Terms
control_paramsExtract Control Parameters of the NUTS Sampler
cor_ar(Deprecated) AR(p) correlation structure
cor_arma(Deprecated) ARMA(p,q) correlation structure
cor_arr(Defunct) ARR correlation structure
cor_brms(Deprecated) Correlation structure classes for the 'brms'...
cor_bsts(Defunct) Basic Bayesian Structural Time Series
cor_car(Deprecated) Spatial conditional autoregressive (CAR)...
cor_cosy(Deprecated) Compound Symmetry (COSY) Correlation Structure
cor_fixed(Deprecated) Fixed user-defined covariance matrices
cor_ma(Deprecated) MA(q) correlation structure
cor_sar(Deprecated) Spatial simultaneous autoregressive (SAR)...
cosySet up COSY correlation structures
csCategory Specific Predictors in 'brms' Models
custom_familyCustom Families in 'brms' Models
data_predictorPrepare Predictor Data
data_responsePrepare Response Data
density_ratioCompute Density Ratios
diagnostic-quantitiesExtract Diagnostic Quantities of 'brms' Models
DirichletThe Dirichlet Distribution
do_callExecute a Function Call
draws-brmsTransform 'brmsfit' to 'draws' objects
draws-index-brmsIndex 'brmsfit' objects
emmeans-brms-helpersSupport Functions for 'emmeans'
epilepsyEpileptic seizure counts
ExGaussianThe Exponentially Modified Gaussian Distribution
expose_functions.brmsfitExpose user-defined 'Stan' functions
expp1Exponential function plus one.
family.brmsfitExtract Model Family Objects
fcorFixed residual correlation (FCOR) structures
fitted.brmsfitExpected Values of the Posterior Predictive Distribution
fixef.brmsfitExtract Population-Level Estimates
FrechetThe Frechet Distribution
GenExtremeValueThe Generalized Extreme Value Distribution
get_dparDraws of a Distributional Parameter
get_priorOverview on Priors for 'brms' Models
get_refmodel.brmsfitProjection Predictive Variable Selection: Get Reference Model
get_yExtract response values
gpSet up Gaussian process terms in 'brms'
grSet up basic grouping terms in 'brms'
horseshoeRegularized horseshoe priors in 'brms'
HurdleHurdle Distributions
hypothesis.brmsfitNon-Linear Hypothesis Testing
inhalerClarity of inhaler instructions
InvGaussianThe Inverse Gaussian Distribution
inv_logit_scaledScaled inverse logit-link
is.brmsfitChecks if argument is a 'brmsfit' object
is.brmsfit_multipleChecks if argument is a 'brmsfit_multiple' object
is.brmsformulaChecks if argument is a 'brmsformula' object
is.brmspriorChecks if argument is a 'brmsprior' object
is.brmstermsChecks if argument is a 'brmsterms' object
is.cor_brmsCheck if argument is a correlation structure
is.mvbrmsformulaChecks if argument is a 'mvbrmsformula' object
is.mvbrmstermsChecks if argument is a 'mvbrmsterms' object
kfold.brmsfitK-Fold Cross-Validation
kfold_predictPredictions from K-Fold Cross-Validation
kidneyInfections in kidney patients
lasso(Defunct) Set up a lasso prior in 'brms'
launch_shinystan.brmsfitInterface to 'shinystan'
LogisticNormalThe (Multivariate) Logistic Normal Distribution
logit_scaledScaled logit-link
log_lik.brmsfitCompute the Pointwise Log-Likelihood
logm1Logarithm with a minus one offset.
loo.brmsfitEfficient approximate leave-one-out cross-validation (LOO)
loo_compare.brmsfitModel comparison with the 'loo' package
loo_model_weights.brmsfitModel averaging via stacking or pseudo-BMA weighting.
loo_moment_match.brmsfitMoment matching for efficient approximate leave-one-out...
loo_predict.brmsfitCompute Weighted Expectations Using LOO
loo_R2.brmsfitCompute a LOO-adjusted R-squared for regression models
loo_subsample.brmsfitEfficient approximate leave-one-out cross-validation (LOO)...
lossCumulative Insurance Loss Payments
maSet up MA(q) correlation structures
make_conditionsPrepare Fully Crossed Conditions
make_stancodeStan Code for 'brms' Models
make_standataData for 'brms' Models
mcmc_plot.brmsfitMCMC Plots Implemented in 'bayesplot'
mePredictors with Measurement Error in 'brms' Models
miPredictors with Missing Values in 'brms' Models
mixtureFinite Mixture Families in 'brms'
mmSet up multi-membership grouping terms in 'brms'
mmcMulti-Membership Covariates
moMonotonic Predictors in 'brms' Models
model_weights.brmsfitModel Weighting Methods
MultiNormalThe Multivariate Normal Distribution
MultiStudentTThe Multivariate Student-t Distribution
mvbindBind response variables in multivariate models
mvbrmsformulaSet up a multivariate model formula for use in 'brms'
ngrps.brmsfitNumber of Grouping Factor Levels
nsamples.brmsfit(Deprecated) Number of Posterior Samples
openclGPU support in Stan via OpenCL
pairs.brmsfitCreate a matrix of output plots from a 'brmsfit' object
parnamesExtract Parameter Names
plot.brmsfitTrace and Density Plots for MCMC Draws
posterior_average.brmsfitPosterior draws of parameters averaged across models
posterior_epred.brmsfitDraws from the Expected Value of the Posterior Predictive...
posterior_interval.brmsfitCompute posterior uncertainty intervals
posterior_linpred.brmsfitPosterior Draws of the Linear Predictor
posterior_predict.brmsfitDraws from the Posterior Predictive Distribution
posterior_samples.brmsfit(Deprecated) Extract Posterior Samples
posterior_smooths.brmsfitPosterior Predictions of Smooth Terms
posterior_summarySummarize Posterior draws
posterior_tableTable Creation for Posterior Draws
post_prob.brmsfitPosterior Model Probabilities from Marginal Likelihoods
pp_average.brmsfitPosterior predictive draws averaged across models
pp_check.brmsfitPosterior Predictive Checks for 'brmsfit' Objects
pp_mixture.brmsfitPosterior Probabilities of Mixture Component Memberships
predict.brmsfitDraws from the Posterior Predictive Distribution
predictive_error.brmsfitPosterior Draws of Predictive Errors
predictive_interval.brmsfitPredictive Intervals
prepare_predictionsPrepare Predictions
print.brmsfitPrint a summary for a fitted model represented by a 'brmsfit'...
print.brmspriorPrint method for 'brmsprior' objects
prior_draws.brmsfitExtract Prior Draws
prior_summary.brmsfitExtract Priors of a Bayesian Model Fitted with 'brms'
R2D2R2D2 Priors in 'brms'
ranef.brmsfitExtract Group-Level Estimates
recompile_modelRecompile Stan models in 'brmsfit' objects
reloo.brmsfitCompute exact cross-validation for problematic observations
rename_parsRename parameters in brmsfit objects
residuals.brmsfitPosterior Draws of Residuals/Predictive Errors
restructureRestructure Old 'brmsfit' Objects
rows2labelsConvert Rows to Labels
sDefining smooths in 'brms' formulas
sarSpatial simultaneous autoregressive (SAR) structures
save_parsControl Saving of Parameter Draws
set_priorPrior Definitions for 'brms' Models
Shifted_LognormalThe Shifted Log Normal Distribution
SkewNormalThe Skew-Normal Distribution
stancode.brmsfitExtract Stan model code
standata.brmsfitExtract data passed to Stan
stanvarUser-defined variables passed to Stan
StudentTThe Student-t Distribution
summary.brmsfitCreate a summary of a fitted model represented by a 'brmsfit'...
theme_black(Deprecated) Black Theme for 'ggplot2' Graphics
theme_defaultDefault 'bayesplot' Theme for 'ggplot2' Graphics
threadingThreading in Stan
unstrSet up UNSTR correlation structures
update_adtermsUpdate Formula Addition Terms
update.brmsfitUpdate 'brms' models
update.brmsfit_multipleUpdate 'brms' models based on multiple data sets
validate_newdataValidate New Data
validate_priorValidate Prior for 'brms' Models
VarCorr.brmsfitExtract Variance and Correlation Components
vcov.brmsfitCovariance and Correlation Matrix of Population-Level Effects
VonMisesThe von Mises Distribution
waic.brmsfitWidely Applicable Information Criterion (WAIC)
WienerThe Wiener Diffusion Model Distribution
ZeroInflatedZero-Inflated Distributions
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