Man pages for brms
Bayesian Regression Models using 'Stan'

add_criterionAdd model fit criteria to model objects
add_icAdd model fit criteria to model objects
addition-termsAdditional Response Information
add_rstan_modelAdd compiled 'rstan' models to 'brmsfit' objects
arSet up AR(p) correlation structures
armaSet up ARMA(p,q) correlation structures Posterior Draws
as.mcmc.brmsfitExtract posterior samples for use with the 'coda' package
AsymLaplaceThe Asymmetric Laplace Distribution
autocor.brmsfit(Deprecated) Extract Autocorrelation Objects
autocor-termsAutocorrelation structures
bayes_factor.brmsfitBayes Factors from Marginal Likelihoods
bayes_R2.brmsfitCompute a Bayesian version of R-squared for regression models
BetaBinomialThe Beta-binomial Distribution
bridge_sampler.brmsfitLog Marginal Likelihood via Bridge Sampling
brmFit Bayesian Generalized (Non-)Linear Multivariate Multilevel...
brm_multipleRun the same 'brms' model on multiple datasets
brmsfamilySpecial Family Functions for 'brms' Models
brmsfit-classClass 'brmsfit' of models fitted with the 'brms' package
brmsfit_needs_refitCheck if cached fit can be used.
brmsformulaSet up a model formula for use in 'brms'
brmsformula-helpersLinear and Non-linear formulas in 'brms'
brmshypothesisDescriptions of 'brmshypothesis' Objects
brms-packageBayesian Regression Models using 'Stan'
brmstermsParse Formulas of 'brms' Models
carSpatial conditional autoregressive (CAR) structures
coef.brmsfitExtract Model Coefficients
combine_modelsCombine Models fitted with 'brms'
compare_icCompare Information Criteria of Different Models
conditional_effects.brmsfitDisplay Conditional Effects of Predictors
conditional_smooths.brmsfitDisplay Smooth Terms
control_paramsExtract Control Parameters of the NUTS Sampler
cor_ar(Deprecated) AR(p) correlation structure
cor_arma(Deprecated) ARMA(p,q) correlation structure
cor_arr(Defunct) ARR correlation structure
cor_brms(Deprecated) Correlation structure classes for the 'brms'...
cor_bsts(Defunct) Basic Bayesian Structural Time Series
cor_car(Deprecated) Spatial conditional autoregressive (CAR)...
cor_cosy(Deprecated) Compound Symmetry (COSY) Correlation Structure
cor_fixed(Deprecated) Fixed user-defined covariance matrices
cor_ma(Deprecated) MA(q) correlation structure
cor_sar(Deprecated) Spatial simultaneous autoregressive (SAR)...
cosySet up COSY correlation structures
csCategory Specific Predictors in 'brms' Models
custom_familyCustom Families in 'brms' Models
data_predictorPrepare Predictor Data
data_responsePrepare Response Data
density_ratioCompute Density Ratios
diagnostic-quantitiesExtract Diagnostic Quantities of 'brms' Models
DirichletThe Dirichlet Distribution
do_callExecute a Function Call
draws-brmsTransform 'brmsfit' to 'draws' objects
draws-index-brmsIndex 'brmsfit' objects
emmeans-brms-helpersSupport Functions for 'emmeans'
epilepsyEpileptic seizure counts
ExGaussianThe Exponentially Modified Gaussian Distribution
expose_functions.brmsfitExpose user-defined 'Stan' functions
expp1Exponential function plus one.
family.brmsfitExtract Model Family Objects
fcorFixed residual correlation (FCOR) structures
fitted.brmsfitExpected Values of the Posterior Predictive Distribution
fixef.brmsfitExtract Population-Level Estimates
FrechetThe Frechet Distribution
GenExtremeValueThe Generalized Extreme Value Distribution
get_dparDraws of a Distributional Parameter
get_priorOverview on Priors for 'brms' Models
get_refmodel.brmsfitProjection Predictive Variable Selection: Get Reference Model
get_yExtract response values
gpSet up Gaussian process terms in 'brms'
grSet up basic grouping terms in 'brms'
horseshoeRegularized horseshoe priors in 'brms'
HurdleHurdle Distributions
hypothesis.brmsfitNon-Linear Hypothesis Testing
inhalerClarity of inhaler instructions
InvGaussianThe Inverse Gaussian Distribution
inv_logit_scaledScaled inverse logit-link
is.brmsfitChecks if argument is a 'brmsfit' object
is.brmsfit_multipleChecks if argument is a 'brmsfit_multiple' object
is.brmsformulaChecks if argument is a 'brmsformula' object
is.brmspriorChecks if argument is a 'brmsprior' object
is.brmstermsChecks if argument is a 'brmsterms' object
is.cor_brmsCheck if argument is a correlation structure
is.mvbrmsformulaChecks if argument is a 'mvbrmsformula' object
is.mvbrmstermsChecks if argument is a 'mvbrmsterms' object
kfold.brmsfitK-Fold Cross-Validation
kfold_predictPredictions from K-Fold Cross-Validation
kidneyInfections in kidney patients
lassoSet up a lasso prior in 'brms'
launch_shinystan.brmsfitInterface to 'shinystan'
LogisticNormalThe (Multivariate) Logistic Normal Distribution
logit_scaledScaled logit-link
log_lik.brmsfitCompute the Pointwise Log-Likelihood
logm1Logarithm with a minus one offset.
loo.brmsfitEfficient approximate leave-one-out cross-validation (LOO)
loo_compare.brmsfitModel comparison with the 'loo' package
loo_model_weights.brmsfitModel averaging via stacking or pseudo-BMA weighting.
loo_moment_match.brmsfitMoment matching for efficient approximate leave-one-out...
loo_predict.brmsfitCompute Weighted Expectations Using LOO
loo_R2.brmsfitCompute a LOO-adjusted R-squared for regression models
loo_subsample.brmsfitEfficient approximate leave-one-out cross-validation (LOO)...
lossCumulative Insurance Loss Payments
maSet up MA(q) correlation structures
make_conditionsPrepare Fully Crossed Conditions
make_stancodeStan Code for 'brms' Models
make_standataData for 'brms' Models
mcmc_plot.brmsfitMCMC Plots Implemented in 'bayesplot'
mePredictors with Measurement Error in 'brms' Models
miPredictors with Missing Values in 'brms' Models
mixtureFinite Mixture Families in 'brms'
mmSet up multi-membership grouping terms in 'brms'
mmcMulti-Membership Covariates
moMonotonic Predictors in 'brms' Models
model_weights.brmsfitModel Weighting Methods
MultiNormalThe Multivariate Normal Distribution
MultiStudentTThe Multivariate Student-t Distribution
mvbindBind response variables in multivariate models
mvbrmsformulaSet up a multivariate model formula for use in 'brms'
ngrps.brmsfitNumber of Grouping Factor Levels
nsamples.brmsfit(Deprecated) Number of Posterior Samples
openclGPU support in Stan via OpenCL
pairs.brmsfitCreate a matrix of output plots from a 'brmsfit' object
parnamesExtract Parameter Names
plot.brmsfitTrace and Density Plots for MCMC Draws
posterior_average.brmsfitPosterior draws of parameters averaged across models
posterior_epred.brmsfitDraws from the Expected Value of the Posterior Predictive...
posterior_interval.brmsfitCompute posterior uncertainty intervals
posterior_linpred.brmsfitPosterior Draws of the Linear Predictor
posterior_predict.brmsfitDraws from the Posterior Predictive Distribution
posterior_samples.brmsfit(Deprecated) Extract Posterior Samples
posterior_smooths.brmsfitPosterior Predictions of Smooth Terms
posterior_summarySummarize Posterior draws
posterior_tableTable Creation for Posterior Draws
post_prob.brmsfitPosterior Model Probabilities from Marginal Likelihoods
pp_average.brmsfitPosterior predictive draws averaged across models
pp_check.brmsfitPosterior Predictive Checks for 'brmsfit' Objects
pp_mixture.brmsfitPosterior Probabilities of Mixture Component Memberships
predict.brmsfitDraws from the Posterior Predictive Distribution
predictive_error.brmsfitPosterior Draws of Predictive Errors
predictive_interval.brmsfitPredictive Intervals
prepare_predictionsPrepare Predictions
print.brmsfitPrint a summary for a fitted model represented by a 'brmsfit'...
print.brmspriorPrint method for 'brmsprior' objects
prior_draws.brmsfitExtract Prior Draws
prior_summary.brmsfitExtract Priors of a Bayesian Model Fitted with 'brms'
R2D2R2-D2 Priors in 'brms'
ranef.brmsfitExtract Group-Level Estimates
recompile_modelRecompile Stan models in 'brmsfit' objects
reloo.brmsfitCompute exact cross-validation for problematic observations
rename_parsRename Parameters
residuals.brmsfitPosterior Draws of Residuals/Predictive Errors
restructureRestructure Old 'brmsfit' Objects
rows2labelsConvert Rows to Labels
sDefining smooths in 'brms' formulas
sarSpatial simultaneous autoregressive (SAR) structures
save_parsControl Saving of Parameter Draws
set_priorPrior Definitions for 'brms' Models
Shifted_LognormalThe Shifted Log Normal Distribution
SkewNormalThe Skew-Normal Distribution
stancode.brmsfitExtract Stan model code
standata.brmsfitExtract data passed to Stan
stanvarUser-defined variables passed to Stan
StudentTThe Student-t Distribution
summary.brmsfitCreate a summary of a fitted model represented by a 'brmsfit'...
theme_black(Deprecated) Black Theme for 'ggplot2' Graphics
theme_defaultDefault 'bayesplot' Theme for 'ggplot2' Graphics
threadingThreading in Stan
update_adtermsUpdate Formula Addition Terms
update.brmsfitUpdate 'brms' models
update.brmsfit_multipleUpdate 'brms' models based on multiple data sets
validate_newdataValidate New Data
validate_priorValidate Prior for 'brms' Models
VarCorr.brmsfitExtract Variance and Correlation Components
vcov.brmsfitCovariance and Correlation Matrix of Population-Level Effects
VonMisesThe von Mises Distribution
waic.brmsfitWidely Applicable Information Criterion (WAIC)
WienerThe Wiener Diffusion Model Distribution
ZeroInflatedZero-Inflated Distributions
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