Defines functions get_geno_dim

Documented in get_geno_dim

#' Returns which dimensions the individual, locus, and
#' alleles are in in the genotype object.
#' This is an internal function that returns the 
#' locations of genotype dimensions from the genotype
#' object. It is a relic from when DOQTL put loci in the
#' second dimension and alleles in the third, while R/qtl2
#' put loci in the third dimension and alleles in the second.
#' @return Returns a vector of three named elements identifying
#' which dimension the individual (mouse), allele, and loci are in.
#' @keywords internal

get_geno_dim <- function(){
	geno_dim <- c("mouse" = 1, "allele" = 2, "locus" = 3)

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