Man pages for corncob
Count Regression for Correlated Observations with the Beta-Binomial

bbdmlMaximum Likelihood for the Beta-binomial Distribution
checkNestedCheck for nested models
clean_taxa_namesRename taxa
contrastsTestIdentify differentially-abundant and differentially-variable...
convert_phyloFunction to subset and convert phyloseq data
corncob-packageCorncob package documentation.
cothHyperbolic cotangent transformation
dbetabinBetabinomial density
dbetabin_negNegative betabinomial density
differentialTestIdentify differentially-abundant and differentially-variable...
doBootFunction to run a bootstrap iteration
fishZFisher's z transformation
genInitsGenerate initialization for optimization
getRestrictionTermsGet index of restricted terms for Wald test
gr_fullParameter Gradient Vector
HDIbetabinomGet highest density interval of beta-binomial
hessianCompute Hessian matrix
ibd_phyloIBD data.
import_phyloseqImport phyloseq classes for data
invfishZInverse Fisher's z transformation
invlogitInverse logit transformation
logitLogit transformation
lrtestLikelihood ratio test
objfunObjective function
otu_to_taxonomyTransform OTUs to their taxonomic label
pbLRTParametric bootstrap likelihood ratio test
pbWaldParametric bootstrap Wald test
pipePipe operator
plot.bbdmlPlotting function
plot.differentialTestdifferentialTest plot function
print.bbdmlPrint function
print.differentialTestdifferentialTest print function
print.summary.bbdmlPrint summary function
qbetabinomGet quantiles of beta binom
sandSECompute sandwich standard error
scoreCompute score
simulate.bbdmlSimulate from beta-binomial model
soil_phyloSoil data.
soil_phylum_smallSmall soil phylum data for examples
summary.bbdmlSummary function
waldchisqWald-type chi-squared test
waldchisq_testWald-type chi-squared test statistic
waldtWald-type t test
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