Man pages for data.tree
General Purpose Hierarchical Data Structure

acmeSample Data: A Simple Company with Departments
AggregateAggregate child values of a 'Node', recursively.
AreNamesUniqueTest whether all node names are unique. a 'data.tree' structure to a 'data.frame'
as.dendrogram.NodeConvert a 'Node' to a 'dendrogram'
as.igraph.NodeConvert a 'data.tree' structure to an igraph network
as.list.NodeConvert a 'data.tree' structure to a list-of-list structure
as.NodeConvert an object to a 'data.tree' data structure
as.Node.BinaryTreeConvert a a 'SplitNode' from the party package to a... a 'data.frame' to a 'data.tree' structure
as.Node.dendrogramConvert a 'dendrogram' to a data.tree 'Node'
as.Node.listConvert a nested 'list' structure to a 'data.tree' structure
as.Node.partyConvert a a 'party' from the partykit package to a...
as.Node.phyloConvert a 'phylo' object from the ape package to a 'Node'
as.phylo.NodeConvert a 'Node' to a phylo object from the ape package.
averageBranchingFactorCalculate the average number of branches each non-leaf has
CheckNameReservedWordChecks whether 'name' is a reserved word, as defined in...
ClimbClimb a tree from parent to children, by provided criteria.
CloneClone a tree (creates a deep copy)
CreateRandomTreeCreate a tree for demo and testing
CreateRegularTreeCreate a tree for demo and testing
CumulateCumulate values among siblings
data.treedata.tree: Hierarchical Data Structures
DefaultPlotHeightCalculates the height of a 'Node' given the height of the...
DistanceFind the distance between two nodes of the same tree
DoExecutes a function on a set of nodes
FindNodeFind a node by name in the (sub-)tree
FormatFixedDecimalFormat a Number as a Decimal
FormatPercentFormat a Number as a Percentage
GetTraverse a Tree and Collect Values
GetAttributeGet an attribute from a Node.
GetPhyloNrDetermine the number a 'Node' has after conversion to a phylo...
isLeafCheck if a 'Node' is a leaf
isNotLeafCheck if a 'Node' is not a leaf
isNotRootCheck if a 'Node' is not a root
isRootCheck if a 'Node' is the root
mushroomSample Data: Data Used by the ID3 Vignette
NavigateNavigate to another node by relative path.
NodeCreate a 'data.tree' Structure With 'Nodes'
NODE_RESERVED_NAMES_CONSTNames that are reserved by the Node class.
print.NodePrint a 'Node' in a human-readable fashion.
PrunePrunes a tree.
RevertReverts the sort order of a 'Node"s children.
SetTraverse a Tree and Assign Values
SetFormatSet a formatter function on a specific node
SortSort children of a 'Node' or an entire 'data.tree' structure
ToDiagrammeRGraphPlot a graph, or get a graphviz dot representation of the...
ToNewickWrite a 'data.tree' structure to Newick notation
TraverseTraverse a tree or a sub-tree
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