s3_register: Register a method for a suggested dependency

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s3_registerR Documentation

Register a method for a suggested dependency


Code copied into data.tree from 'vctrs' (authors Wickham H, Henry L, Vaughan D; https://github.com/r-lib/vctrs)


s3_register(generic, class, method = NULL)



Name of the generic in the form 'pkg::generic'.


Name of the class


Optionally, the implementation of the method. By default, this will be found by looking for a function called 'generic.class' in the package environment.

Note that providing 'method' can be dangerous if you use devtools. When the namespace of the method is reloaded by 'devtools::load_all()', the function will keep inheriting from the old namespace. This might cause crashes because of dangling '.Call()' pointers.


For R 3.5.0 and later, 's3_register()' is useful when demonstrating class creation in a vignette, since method lookup no longer always involves the lexical scope. For R 3.6.0 and later, you can achieve a similar effect by using "delayed method registration".


# A typical use case is to dynamically register tibble/pillar methods
# for your class. That way you avoid creating a hard depedency on packages
# that are not essential, while still providing finer control over
# printing when they are used.

.onLoad <- function(...) {
  s3_register("pillar::pillar_shaft", "vctrs_vctr")
  s3_register("tibble::type_sum", "vctrs_vctr")

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