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importNGWMNR Documentation

Function to return data from the National Ground Water Monitoring Network waterML2 format


This function accepts a url parameter for a WaterML2 getObservation. This function is still under development, but the general functionality is correct.


importNGWMN(input, asDateTime = FALSE, tz = "UTC")



character or raw, containing the url for the retrieval or a path to the data file, or raw XML.


logical, if TRUE returns date and time as POSIXct, if FALSE, character


character to set timezone attribute of dateTime. Default is "UTC", and converts the date times to UTC, properly accounting for daylight savings times based on the data's provided time zone offset. Possible values to provide are "America/New_York", "America/Chicago", "America/Denver", "America/Los_Angeles", "America/Anchorage", as well as the following which do not use daylight savings time: "America/Honolulu", "America/Jamaica", "America/Managua", "America/Phoenix", and "America/Metlakatla". See also OlsonNames() for more information on time zones.


mergedDF a data frame source, time, value, uom, uomTitle, comment, gmlID


obs_url <- paste("",
  "service=SOS", "version=2.0.0",
  sep = "&"

#data_returned <- importNGWMN(obs_url)

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