Man pages for dataRetrieval
Retrieval Functions for USGS and EPA Hydrologic and Water Quality Data

addWaterYearadd a water year column
calcWaterYearExtract WY from a date
checkWQPdatesDate Check for Water Quality Portal
constructNWISURLConstruct NWIS url for data retrieval
constructUseURLConstruct URL for NWIS water use data service
constructWQPURLConstruct WQP url for data retrieval
convertListsconvert variables in dots to usable format
countyCdUS County Code Lookup Table
countyCdLookupCounty code look up
dataRetrievalRetrieval functions for USGS and EPA data
getQuerySummarygetting header information from a WQP query
getWebServiceDataFunction to return data from web services
importNGWMNFunction to return data from the National Ground Water...
importRDB1Function to return data from the NWIS RDB 1.0 format
importWaterML1Function to return data from the NWISWeb WaterML1.1 service
importWaterML2Parse the WaterML2 timeseries portion of a waterML2 file
importWQPBasic Water Quality Portal Data parser
parameterCdFileList of USGS parameter codes
pCodeToNameData to convert USGS parameter code to characteristic names
readNGWMNdataimport data from the National Groundwater Monitoring Network...
readNGWMNlevelsRetrieve groundwater levels from the National Ground Water...
readNGWMNsitesRetrieve site data from the National Ground Water Monitoring...
readNWISdataGeneral Data Import from NWIS
readNWISdotsFormat and organize NWIS arguments that are passed in as...
readNWISdvDaily Value USGS NWIS Data Retrieval
readNWISgwlGroundwater level measurements retrieval from USGS (NWIS)
readNWISmeasSurface-water measurement data retrieval from USGS (NWIS)
readNWISpCodeUSGS Parameter Data Retrieval
readNWISpeakPeak flow data from USGS (NWIS)
readNWISqwRaw Data Import for USGS NWIS QW Data
readNWISratingRating table for an active USGS streamgage retrieval
readNWISsiteUSGS Site File Data Retrieval
readNWISstatSite statistics retrieval from USGS (NWIS)
readNWISuseWater use data retrieval from USGS (NWIS)
readNWISuvInstantaneous value data retrieval from USGS (NWIS)
readWQPdataGeneral Data Import from Water Quality Portal
readWQPdotsFormat and organize WQP arguments that are passed in as...
readWQPqwRaw Data Import for Water Quality Portal
setAccessSet data endpoint
stateCdUS State Code Lookup Table
stateCdLookupState code look up
whatNWISdataUSGS data availability
whatNWISsitesSite Data Import from NWIS
whatWQPdataData Available from Water Quality Portal
wqpSpecialsSite Data Import from Water Quality Portal
zeroPadPad string with leading zeros
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