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Summary of Data Available from Water Quality Portal


Returns a list of sites with year-by-year information on what data is available. The function gets the data from: Arguments to the function should be based on The information returned from this function describes the available data at the WQP sites, and some metadata on the sites themselves.





see for a complete list of options. A list of arguments can also be supplied. One way to figure out how to construct a WQP query is to go to the "Advanced" form in the Water Quality Portal: Use the form to discover what parameters are available. Once the query is set in the form, scroll down to the "Query URL". You will see the parameters after "". For example, if you chose "Nutrient" in the Characteristic Group dropdown, you will see characteristicType=Nutrient in the Query URL. The corresponding argument for dataRetrieval is characteristicType = "Nutrient". dataRetrieval users do not need to include mimeType, zip, and providers is optional (these arguments are picked automatically).


A data frame with at least the following columns:

Name Type Description
"Provider" character Providing database.
"MonitoringLocationIdentifier" character A designator used to describe the unique name, number, or code assigned to identify the monitoring location.
"YearSummarized" numeric The year of the summary
"CharacteristicType" character CharacteristicType
"CharacteristicName" character The object, property, or substance which is evaluated or enumerated by either a direct field measurement, a direct field observation, or by laboratory analysis of material collected in the field.
"ActivityCount" numeric The number of times the location was sampled
"ResultCount" numeric The number of individual data results.
"LastResultSubmittedDate" Date Date when data was last submitted.
"OrganizationIdentifier" character A designator used to uniquely identify a unique business establishment within a context.
"OrganizationFormalName" character The legal designator (i.e. formal name) of an organization.
"MonitoringLocationName character MonitoringLocationName
"MonitoringLocationTypeName" character MonitoringLocationTypeName
"ResolvedMonitoringLocationTypeName" character
"HUCEightDigitCode" character 8-digit HUC id.
"MonitoringLocationUrl" character URL to monitoring location.
"CountyName" character County of sampling location.
"StateName" character State of sampling location.
"MonitoringLocationLatitude" numeric latitude of sampling location.
"MonitoringLocationLongitude" numeric longitude of sampling location.

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# Summary of a single site for the last 5 years:
site_5 <- readWQPsummary(
  siteid = "USGS-07144100",
  summaryYears = 5

# Summary of a single site for the full period of record:
site_all <- readWQPsummary(
  siteid = "USGS-07144100",
  summaryYears = "all"

# Summary of the data available from streams in a single county:
dane_county_data <- readWQPsummary(
  countycode = "US:55:025",
  summaryYears = 5,
  siteType = "Stream"

# Summary of the data all available from lakes in a single county:
lake_sites <- readWQPsummary(
  siteType = "Lake, Reservoir, Impoundment",
  countycode = "US:55:025"

# Summary of the data available for the last 5 years in New Jersey:
state1 <- readWQPsummary(
  statecode = "NJ",
  summaryYears = 5,
  siteType = "Stream"

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