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Import data from the National Groundwater Monitoring Network


Only water level data and site locations and names are currently available through the web service.


readNGWMNdata(service, ..., asDateTime = TRUE, tz = "UTC")



char Service for the request - "observation" and "featureOfInterest" are implemented.


Other parameters to supply, namely siteNumbers or bbox


logical if TRUE, will convert times to POSIXct format. Currently defaults to FALSE since time zone information is not included.


character to set timezone attribute of dateTime. Default is "UTC", and converts the date times to UTC, properly accounting for daylight savings times based on the data's provided time zone offset. Possible values to provide are "America/New_York", "America/Chicago", "America/Denver", "America/Los_Angeles", "America/Anchorage", as well as the following which do not use daylight savings time: "America/Honolulu", "America/Jamaica", "America/Managua", "America/Phoenix", and "America/Metlakatla". See also OlsonNames() for more information on time zones.


# one site
site <- "USGS.430427089284901"
#oneSite <- readNGWMNdata(siteNumbers = site, service = "observation")

# multiple sites
sites <- c("USGS.272838082142201", "USGS.404159100494601", "USGS.401216080362703")
# Very slow:
# multiSiteData <- readNGWMNdata(siteNumbers = sites, service = "observation")
# attributes(multiSiteData)

# non-USGS site
# accepts colon or period between agency and ID
site <- "MBMG:702934"
# data <- readNGWMNdata(siteNumbers = site, service = "featureOfInterest")

# site with no data returns empty data frame
noDataSite <- "UTGS.401544112060301"
# noDataSite <- readNGWMNdata(siteNumbers = noDataSite, service = "observation")

# bounding box
# bboxSites <- readNGWMNdata(service = "featureOfInterest", bbox = c(30, -102, 31, 99))
# retrieve  sites.  Set asDateTime to false since one site has an invalid date
# Very slow:
# bboxData <- readNGWMNdata(service = "observation", siteNumbers = bboxSites$site[1:3],
#                           asDateTime = FALSE)

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