importWQP: Basic Water Quality Portal Data parser

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importWQPR Documentation

Basic Water Quality Portal Data parser


Imports data from the Water Quality Portal based on a specified url.


importWQP(obs_url, zip = TRUE, tz = "UTC", csv = FALSE, convertType = TRUE)



character URL to Water Quality Portal#' @keywords data import USGS web service


logical to request data via downloading zip file. Default set to TRUE.


character to set timezone attribute of datetime. Default is UTC (properly accounting for daylight savings times based on the data's provided tz_cd column). Possible values include "America/New_York","America/Chicago", "America/Denver","America/Los_Angeles", "America/Anchorage","America/Honolulu","America/Jamaica","America/Managua", "America/Phoenix", and "America/Metlakatla"


logical. Is the data coming back with a csv or tsv format. Default is FALSE. Currently, the summary service does not support tsv, for other services tsv is the safer choice.


logical, defaults to TRUE. If TRUE, the function will convert the data to dates, datetimes, numerics based on a standard algorithm. If false, everything is returned as a character.


retval dataframe raw data returned from the Water Quality Portal. Additionally, a POSIXct dateTime column is supplied for start and end times, and converted to UTC. See for more information.

See Also

readWQPdata, readWQPqw, whatWQPsites


# These examples require an internet connection to run

## Examples take longer than 5 seconds:

rawSampleURL <- constructWQPURL("USGS-01594440", "01075", "", "")

rawSample <- importWQP(rawSampleURL)

rawSampleURL_NoZip <- constructWQPURL("USGS-01594440", "01075", "", "", zip = FALSE)

rawSampleURL_NoZip_char <- importWQP(rawSampleURL_NoZip, zip = FALSE, convertType = FALSE)

rawSample2 <- importWQP(rawSampleURL_NoZip, zip = FALSE)

STORETex <- constructWQPURL("WIDNR_WQX-10032762", "Specific conductance", "", "")

STORETdata <- importWQP(STORETex)

STORETdata_char <- importWQP(STORETex, convertType = FALSE)

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