pCodeToName: Data to convert USGS parameter code to characteristic names

pCodeToNameR Documentation

Data to convert USGS parameter code to characteristic names


Data pulled from Water Quality Portal on December 20, 2021. The data was pulled from https://www.waterqualitydata.us/Codes/public_srsnames/?mimeType=csv.


pCodeToName data frame with information about USGS parameters and how they relate to characteristic names (useful for WQP requests).

Name Type Description
parm_cd character 5-digit USGS parameter code
description character Parameter description
characteristicname character Characteristic Name
measureunitcode character Parameter units
resultsamplefraction character Result sample fraction text
resulttemperaturebasis character Temperature basis information
resultstatisticalbasis character Statistical basis
resulttimebasis character Time basis
resultweightbasis character Weight basis
resultparticlesizebasis character Particle size basis
last_rev_dt character Latest revision of information


head(pCodeToName[, 1:2])

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