readNWISmeas: Surface-water measurement data retrieval from USGS (NWIS)

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readNWISmeasR Documentation

Surface-water measurement data retrieval from USGS (NWIS)


Reads surface-water measurement data from NWISweb. Data is retrieved from See for details about surface water.


  startDate = "",
  endDate = "",
  tz = "UTC",
  expanded = FALSE,
  convertType = TRUE



character USGS site number (or multiple sites). This is usually an 8 digit number


character starting date for data retrieval in the form YYYY-MM-DD. Default is "" which indicates retrieval for the earliest possible record.


character ending date for data retrieval in the form YYYY-MM-DD. Default is "" which indicates retrieval for the latest possible record.


character to set timezone attribute of dateTime. Default is "UTC", and converts the date times to UTC, properly accounting for daylight savings times based on the data's provided tz_cd column. Possible values to provide are "America/New_York", "America/Chicago", "America/Denver", "America/Los_Angeles", "America/Anchorage", as well as the following which do not use daylight savings time: "America/Honolulu", "America/Jamaica", "America/Managua", "America/Phoenix", and "America/Metlakatla". See also OlsonNames() for more information on time zones.


logical. Whether or not (TRUE or FALSE) to call the expanded data.


logical, defaults to TRUE. If TRUE, the function will convert the data to dates, datetimes, numerics based on a standard algorithm. If false, everything is returned as a character


A data frame with at least the following columns:

Name Type Description
agency_cd character The NWIS code for the agency reporting the data
site_no character The USGS site number
measurement_dt POSIXct The date and time (in POSIXct) of the measurement. Unless specified with the tz parameter, this is converted to UTC. If the measurement_dt column is an incomplete, a measurement_dt_date and measurement_dt_time column are added to the returned data frame.
tz_cd character The time zone code for the measurement_dt column

See for details about surface water, and for help on the columns and codes.

There are also several useful attributes attached to the data frame:

Name Type Description
url character The url used to generate the data
queryTime POSIXct The time the data was returned
comment character Header comments from the RDB file
siteInfo data.frame A data frame containing information on the requested sites
tz_cd_reported The originally reported time zone

See Also

constructNWISURL, importRDB1


site_ids <- c("01594440", "040851325")

data <- readNWISmeas(site_ids)
Meas05316840 <- readNWISmeas("05316840")
Meas05316840.ex <- readNWISmeas("05316840", expanded = TRUE)
Meas07227500.ex <- readNWISmeas("07227500", expanded = TRUE)
Meas07227500.exRaw <- readNWISmeas("07227500", expanded = TRUE, convertType = FALSE)

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