readNWISsite: USGS Site File Data Retrieval

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readNWISsiteR Documentation

USGS Site File Data Retrieval


Imports data from USGS site file site. This function gets data from here:





character USGS site number (or multiple sites). This is usually an 8 digit number


A data frame with at least the following columns:

Name Type Description
agency_cd character The NWIS code for the agency reporting the data
site_no character The USGS site number
station_nm character Site name
site_tp_cd character Site type
lat_va numeric DMS latitude
long_va numeric DMS longitude
dec_lat_va numeric Decimal latitude
dec_long_va numeric Decimal longitude
coord_meth_cd character Latitude-longitude method
coord_acy_cd character Latitude-longitude accuracy
coord_datum_cd character Latitude-longitude datum
dec_coord_datum_cd character Decimal Latitude-longitude datum
district_cd character District code
state_cd character State code
county_cd character County code
country_cd character Country code
land_net_ds character Land net location description
map_nm character Name of location map
map_scale_fc character Scale of location map
alt_va numeric Altitude of Gage/land surface
alt_meth_cd character Method altitude determined
alt_acy_va numeric Altitude accuracy
alt_datum_cd character Altitude datum
huc_cd character Hydrologic unit code
basin_cd character Drainage basin code
topo_cd character Topographic setting code
instruments_cd character Flags for instruments at site
construction_dt character Date of first construction
inventory_dt character Date site established or inventoried
drain_area_va numeric Drainage area
contrib_drain_area_va numeric Contributing drainage area
tz_cd character Time Zone abbreviation
local_time_fg character Site honors Daylight Savings Time
reliability_cd character Data reliability code
gw_file_cd character Data-other GW files
nat_aqfr_cd character National aquifer code
aqfr_cd character Local aquifer code
aqfr_type_cd character Local aquifer type code
well_depth_va numeric Well depth
hole_depth_va numeric Hole depth
depth_src_cd character Source of depth data
project_no character Project number

There are also several useful attributes attached to the data frame:

Name Type Description
url character The url used to generate the data
queryTime POSIXct The time the data was returned
comment character Header comments from the RDB file


siteINFO <- readNWISsite("05114000")
siteINFOMulti <- readNWISsite(c("05114000", "09423350"))

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