WELL_KNOWN_META_VARIABLE_NAMES: Well-known metadata column names, names of metadata columns

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names of the variable attributes in the meta data frame holding the names of the respective observers, devices, lower limits for plausible values, upper limits for plausible values, lower limits for allowed values, upper limits for allowed values, the variable name (column name, e.g. v0020349) used in the study data, the variable name used for processing (readable name, e.g. RR_DIAST_1) and in parameters of the QA-Functions, the variable label, variable long label, variable short label, variable data type (see also DATA_TYPES), re-code for definition of lists of event categories, missing lists and jump lists as CSV strings.




An object of class list of length 31.


all entries of this list will be mapped to the package's exported NAMESPACE environment directly, i.e. they are available directly by their names too:



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