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Data Quality in Epidemiological Research

acc_distributionsFunction to plot histograms added by empirical cumulative...
acc_end_digitsExtension of acc_shape_or_scale to examine uniform...
acc_loessSmoothes and plots adjusted longitudinal measurements
acc_marginsFunction to estimate marginal means, see emmeans::emmeans
acc_multivariate_outlierFunction to calculate and plot Mahalanobis distances
acc_robust_univariate_outlierFunction to identify univariate outliers by four different...
acc_shape_or_scaleFunction to compare observed versus expected distributions
acc_univariate_outlierFunction to identify univariate outliers by four different...
acc_varcompEstimates variance components a full 'dataquieR' report to a 'data.frame'
as.list.dataquieR_resultsetConvert a full 'dataquieR' report to a 'list'
com_item_missingnessSummarize missingness columnwise (in variable)
com_segment_missingnessSummarizes missingness for individuals in specific segments
com_unit_missingnessCounts all individuals with no measurements at all
con_contradictionsChecks user-defined contradictions in study data
con_inadmissible_categoricalDetects variable levels not specified in metadata
con_limit_deviationsDetects variable values exceeding limits defined in metadata
contradiction_functions_descriptionsdescription of the contradiction functions
dataquieRThe 'dataquieR' package about Data Quality in Epidemiological...
dataquieR_resultsetInternal constructor for the internal class...
dataquieR_resultset_verifyVerify an object of class dataquieR_resultset
DATA_TYPES_OF_R_TYPEAll available data types, mapped from their respective R...
dimensionsNames of DQ dimensions
DISTRIBUTIONSAll available probability distributions for...
dot-variable_arg_rolesVariable-argument roles
dq_reportGenerate a full DQ report
dq_report_byGenerate a stratified full DQ report
html_dependency_vert_dtHTML Dependency for vertical headers in 'DT::datatable'
int_datatype_matrixFunction to check declared data types of metadata in study...
pipeline_recursive_resultFunction to convert a pipeline result data frame to named...
pipeline_vectorizedCall (nearly) one "Accuracy" function with many...
prep_add_to_metaSupport function to augment metadata during data quality...
prep_check_meta_namesChecks the validity of meta data w.r.t. the provided column...
prep_clean_labelsSupport function to scan variable labels for applicability
prep_create_metaSupport function to create data.frames of metadata
prep_datatype_from_dataGet data types from data
prep_map_labelsSupport function to allocate labels to variables
prep_min_obs_levelSupport function to identify the levels of a process variable...
prep_pmapSupport function for a parallel 'pmap'
prep_prepare_dataframesPrepare and verify study data with metadata
prep_study2metaGuess a meta data frame from study data.
prep_valuelabels_from_dataGet value labels from data
print.dataquieR_resultPrint a dataquieR result returned by pipeline_vectorized
print.dataquieR_resultsetGenerate a RMarkdown-based report from a dataquieR report
print.ReportSummaryTableprint implementation for the class 'ReportSummaryTable'
pro_applicability_matrixFunction to check applicability of DQ functions on study data
rbind.ReportSummaryTableCombine 'ReportSummaryTable' outputs
SPLIT_CHARCharacter used by default as a separator in meta data such as...
summary.dataquieR_resultsetSummarize a dataquieR report
util_anytime_installedTest, if package 'anytime' is installed
util_app_cdutility function for the applicability of contradiction...
util_app_dcutility function for the applicability of of distribution...
util_app_dlutility function to test for applicability of detection...
util_app_edutility function for the applicability of of end digits...
util_app_iacutility function for the applicability of categorical...
util_app_iavutility function for the applicability of numeric...
util_app_imutility function applicability of item missingness
util_app_loessutility function for applicability of LOESS smoothed time...
util_app_marutility function to test for applicability of marginal means...
util_app_molutility function applicability of multivariate outlier...
util_app_olutility function for the applicability of outlier detection
util_app_smutility function applicability of segment missingness
util_app_sosutility function applicability of distribution function's...
util_app_vcutility applicability variance components
util_as_numericConvert factors to label-corresponding numeric values
util_assign_levlabsutility function to assign labels to levels
util_backtickQuoteutility function to set string in backticks
util_check_data_typeSupport function to verify the data type of a value
util_check_one_unique_valueCheck for one value only
util_compare_meta_with_studyCompares study data data types with the ones expected...
util_correct_variable_useCheck referred variables
util_count_code_classescount distinct realizations of missing codes of a specific...
util_count_codescount realizations of missing codes of any class
util_count_NASupport function to count number of 'NA's
util_detect_coresDetect cores
util_dichotomizeutility function to dichotomize variables
util_dist_selectionUtility function distribution-selection
util_emptyTest, if values of x are empty, i.e. NA or whitespace...
util_ensure_suggestedSupport function to stop, if an optional package is not...
util_errorProduce an error message with a useful short stack trace....
util_find_external_functions_in_stacktraceFind externally called function in the stack trace
util_find_first_externally_called_functions_in_stacktraceFind first externally called function in the stack trace
util_fix_rstudio_bugsRStudio crashes on parallel calls in some versions on Darwin...
util_get_code_listFetch a missing code list from the metadata
util_get_var_att_names_of_levelGet variable attributes of a certain provision level
util_heatmap_1thUtility Function Heatmap with 1 Threshold
util_hubertutility function for the outliers rule of Huber et al.
util_interpret_limitsUtility function to interpret mathematical interval notation
util_is_integerCheck for integer values
util_looks_like_missingCheck for repetitive values using the digits 8 or 9 only
util_make_functionMake a function capturing errors and other conditions for...
util_map_allMaps label column meta data on study data variable names
util_map_labelsSupport function to allocate labels to variables
util_no_value_labelsSelect really numeric variables
util_observations_in_subgroupsUtility function observations in subgroups
util_only_NAsidentify 'NA'-only variables
util_par_pmapUtility function parallel version of 'purrr::pmap'
util_parse_assignmentsUtility function to parse assignments
util_replace_codes_by_NAUtility function to replace missing codes by 'NA's
util_set_dQuoteStringUtility function to put strings in quotes
util_set_sizeAttaches attributes about the recommended minimum absolute...
util_set_sQuoteStringUtility function single quote string
util_sigmagapUtility function outliers according to the rule of Huber et...
util_sixsigmaUtility function for six sigma deviations rule
util_tukeyUtility function Tukey outlier rule
util_validate_known_metaUtility function verifying syntax of known metadata columns
util_warningProduce a warning message with a useful short stack trace.
util_warn_unorderedWarn about a problem in 'varname', if 'x' has no natural...
VARATT_REQUIRE_LEVELSRequirement levels of certain metadata columns
VARIABLE_ROLESVariable roles can be one of the following:
WELL_KNOWN_META_VARIABLE_NAMESWell-known metadata column names, names of metadata columns
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