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Support function to identify the levels of a process variable with minimum number of observations


utility function to subset data based on minimum number of observation per level


prep_min_obs_level(study_data, group_vars, min_obs_in_subgroup)



data.frame the data frame that contains the measurements


variable list the name grouping variable


integer optional argument if a "group_var" is used. This argument specifies the minimum no. of observations that is required to include a subgroup (level) of the "group_var" in the analysis. Subgroups with less observations are excluded. The default is 30.


This functions removes observations having less than min_obs_in_subgroup distinct values in a group variable, e.g. blood pressure measurements performed by an examiner having less than e.g. 50 measurements done. It displays a warning, if samples/rows are removed and returns the modified study data frame.


a data frame with:

  • a subsample of original data

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