datarobot: DataRobot Predictive Modeling API

For working with the DataRobot predictive modeling platform's <> API.

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AuthorRon Pearson [aut], Zachary Deane-Mayer [aut], David Chudzicki [aut], Dallin Akagi [aut], Sergey Yurgenson [aut]
Date of publication2017-04-16 07:15:36 UTC
MaintainerSergey Yurgenson <>
LicenseMIT + file LICENSE

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Man pages DataRobot S3 object methods for R's generic

AutopilotMode: Autopilot modes

BlendMethods: Blend methods

BlueprintChartToGraphviz: Convert a blueprint chart into graphviz DOT format

ConnectToDataRobot: Establish a connection to the DataRobot modeling engine

ConstructDurationString: Construct a valid string representing a duration in...

CreateBacktestSpecification: Create a list describing backtest parameters

CreateDatetimePartitionSpecification: Create a list describing datetime partition parameters

CreateDerivedFeatures: Derived Features

CreateFeaturelist: Create a new featurelist in a DataRobot project

CreateGroupPartition: Create a group-based S3 object of class partition for the...

CreatePrimeCode: Create and validate the downloadable code for the ruleset...

CreateRandomPartition: Create a random sampling-based S3 object of class partition...

CreateStratifiedPartition: Create a stratified sampling-based S3 object of class...

CreateUserPartition: Create a user-defined S3 object of class partition for the...

cvMethods: CV methods

datarobot-package: datarobot: DataRobot Predictive Modeling API

DeleteJob: Cancel a running job

DeleteModel: Delete a specified DataRobot model

DeleteModelJob: Delete a model job from the modeling queue

DeletePredictionDataset: Delete a specified prediction dataset

DeletePredictJob: Function to delete one predict job from the DataRobot queue

DeleteProject: Delete a specified element from the DataRobot project list

DeleteReasonCodes: Function to delete reason codes

DeleteReasonCodesInitialization: Delete the reason codes initialization for a model.

DeleteTransferrableModel: Delete this imported model.

DownloadPrimeCode: Download the code of DataRobot Prime model and save it to a...

DownloadReasonCodes: Function to download and save reason codes rows as csv file

DownloadTransferrableModel: Download an transferrable model file for use in an on-premise...

FeatureFromAsyncUrl: Retrieve a feature from the creation URL

GenerateDatetimePartition: Preview the full partitioning determined by a...

GetAllModels: Retrieve all available model information for a DataRobot...

GetAllReasonCodesRowsAsDataFrame: Retrieve all reason codes rows and return them as a data...

GetBlenderModel: Retrieve the details of a specified blender model

GetBlenderModelFromJobId: Retrieve a new or updated blender model defined by modelJobId

GetBlueprint: Retrieve a blueprint

GetBlueprintChart: Retrieve a blueprint chart

GetBlueprintDocuments: Get documentation for tasks used in the blueprint

GetDatetimeModelFromJobId: Retrieve a new or updated datetime model defined by...

GetDatetimeModelObject: Retrieve the details of a specified datetime model

GetDatetimePartition: Retrieve the DatetimePartitioning from a project

GetFeatureImpactForJobId: Retrieve completed Feature Impact results given a job ID

GetFeatureImpactForModel: Retrieve completed Feature Impact results given a model

GetFeatureInfo: Details about a feature

GetFeaturelist: Retrieve a specific featurelist from a DataRobot project

GetFrozenModel: Retrieve the details of a specified frozen model

GetFrozenModelFromJobId: Retrieve a frozen model defined by modelJobId

GetModelFromJobId: Retrieve a new or updated model defined by modelJobId

GetModelJobs: Retrieve status of Autopilot modeling jobs that are not...

GetModelObject: Retrieve the details of a specified model

GetModelParameters: Retrieve model parameters

GetPredictions: Retrieve model predictions from predictJobId

GetPredictJobs: Function to list all prediction jobs in a project

GetPrimeEligibility: Check if model can be approximated with DataRobot Prime

GetPrimeFile: Retrieve a specific Prime file from a DataRobot project

GetPrimeFileFromJobId: Retrieve a specific Prime file from a DataRobot project for...

GetPrimeModel: Retrieve information about specified DataRobot Prime model

GetPrimeModelFromJobId: Retrieve information about specified DataRobot Prime model...

GetProject: Retrieve dtails about a specified DataRobot modeling project

GetProjectList: Retrieve a list of all DataRobot projects

GetProjectStatus: Request Autopilot status for a specified DataRobot project

GetReasonCodesInitialization: Retrieve the reason codes initialization for a model.

GetReasonCodesInitializationFromJobId: Retrieve the reason codes initialization for a model using...

GetReasonCodesMetadata: Retrieve metadata for specified reason codes

GetReasonCodesMetadataFromJobId: Retrieve the reason codes metadata for a model using jobId

GetReasonCodesRows: Retrieve all reason codes rows

GetRecommendedBlueprints: Retrieve the list of available blueprints for a project

GetRulesets: List the rulesets approximating a model generated by...

GetTransferrableModel: Retrieve imported model info using import id

GetValidMetrics: Retrieve the valid fitting metrics for a specified project...

JobStatus: Job statuses

JobType: Job type

ListBlueprints: Retrieve the list of available blueprints for a project

ListFeatureInfo: Details about all features for this project

ListFeaturelists: Retrieve all featurelists associated with a project

ListJobs: Retrieve information about jobs

ListModelFeatures: Returns the list of features (i.e., variables) on which a...

ListPredictionDatasets: Retrieve all prediction datasets associated with a project

ListPrimeFiles: List all downloadable code files from DataRobot Prime for the...

ListPrimeModels: Retrieve information about all DataRobot Prime models for a...

ListReasonCodesMetadata: Retrieve metadata for reason codes in specified project

ListTransferrableModels: Retrieve information about all imported models This function...

PauseQueue: Pause the DataRobot modeling queue

plot.listOfModels: Plot method for DataRobot S3 objects of class listOfModels

PostgreSQLdrivers: PostgreSQL drivers

PredictionDatasetFromAsyncUrl: Retrieve prediction dataset info from the dataset creation...

PrimeLanguage: Prime Language

ProjectFromAsyncUrl: Retrieve a project from the project-creation URL

RequestApproximation: Request an approximation of a model using DataRobot Prime

RequestBlender: Submit a job for creating blender model. Upon success, the...

RequestFeatureImpact: Request Feature Impact to be computed.

RequestFrozenDatetimeModel: Train a new frozen datetime model with parameters from the...

RequestFrozenModel: Train a new frozen model with parameters from specified model

RequestNewDatetimeModel: Adds a new datetime model of the type specified by the...

RequestNewModel: Adds a new model of type specified by blueprint to a...

RequestPredictions: Request predictions for model from newdata

RequestPredictionsForDataset: Request predictions against a previously uploaded dataset

RequestPrimeModel: Request training for a DataRobot Prime model using a...

RequestReasonCodes: Request reason codes computation for a specified model and...

RequestReasonCodesInitialization: Request reason codes initialization for specified model

RequestSampleSizeUpdate: Refits an existing model to a different fraction of the...

RequestTransferrableModel: Request generation of an transferrable model file for use in...

ScoreBacktests: Compute the scores for all available backtests

SetTarget: Set the target variable (and by default, start the DataRobot...

SetupProject: Function to set up a new DataRobot project

SetupProjectFromHDFS: Function to set up a new DataRobot project using datasource...

SetupProjectFromMySQL: Function to set up a new DataRobot project using data from...

SetupProjectFromOracle: Function to set up a new DataRobot project using data from...

SetupProjectFromPostgreSQL: Function to set up a new DataRobot project using data from...

StartNewAutoPilot: Starts autopilot on provided featurelist. Only one autopilot...

summary.dataRobotModel: DataRobot S3 object methods for R's generic summary function

UnpauseQueue: Re-start the DataRobot modeling queue

UpdateProject: Update parameters for an existing project

UpdateTransferrableModel: Update the display name or note for an imported model.

UploadPredictionDataset: Function to upload new data to a DataRobot project for...

UploadTransferrableModel: Import a previously exported model for predictions.

ViewWebModel: Retrieve a DataRobot web page that displays detailed model...

ViewWebProject: Retrieve a DataRobot web page that displays detailed project...

WaitForAutopilot: This function periodically checks whether Autopilot is...

WaitForJobToComplete: Wait for specified job to complete

Functions Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page
AutopilotMode Man page
BlendMethods Man page
BlueprintChartToGraphviz Man page
ConnectToDataRobot Man page
ConstructDurationString Man page
CreateBacktestSpecification Man page
CreateDatetimePartitionSpecification Man page
CreateDerivedFeatureAsCategorical Man page
CreateDerivedFeatureAsNumeric Man page
CreateDerivedFeatureAsText Man page
CreateDerivedFeatureIntAsCategorical Man page
CreateDerivedFeatures Man page
CreateFeaturelist Man page
CreateGroupPartition Man page
CreatePrimeCode Man page
CreateRandomPartition Man page
CreateStratifiedPartition Man page
CreateUserPartition Man page
cvMethods Man page
datarobot Man page
datarobot-package Man page
DeleteJob Man page
DeleteModel Man page
DeleteModelJob Man page
DeletePredictionDataset Man page
DeletePredictJob Man page
DeleteProject Man page
DeleteReasonCodes Man page
DeleteReasonCodesInitialization Man page
DeleteTransferrableModel Man page
DownloadPrimeCode Man page
DownloadReasonCodes Man page
DownloadTransferrableModel Man page
FeatureFromAsyncUrl Man page
GenerateDatetimePartition Man page
GetAllModels Man page
GetAllReasonCodesRowsAsDataFrame Man page
GetBlenderModel Man page
GetBlenderModelFromJobId Man page
GetBlueprint Man page
GetBlueprintChart Man page
GetBlueprintDocuments Man page
GetDatetimeModelFromJobId Man page
GetDatetimeModelObject Man page
GetDatetimePartition Man page
GetFeatureImpactForJobId Man page
GetFeatureImpactForModel Man page
GetFeatureInfo Man page
GetFeaturelist Man page
GetFrozenModel Man page
GetFrozenModelFromJobId Man page
GetModelFromJobId Man page
GetModelJobs Man page
GetModelObject Man page
GetModelParameters Man page
GetPredictions Man page
GetPredictJobs Man page
GetPrimeEligibility Man page
GetPrimeFile Man page
GetPrimeFileFromJobId Man page
GetPrimeModel Man page
GetPrimeModelFromJobId Man page
GetProject Man page
GetProjectList Man page
GetProjectStatus Man page
GetReasonCodesInitialization Man page
GetReasonCodesInitializationFromJobId Man page
GetReasonCodesMetadata Man page
GetReasonCodesMetadataFromJobId Man page
GetReasonCodesRows Man page
GetRecommendedBlueprints Man page
GetRulesets Man page
GetTransferrableModel Man page
GetValidMetrics Man page
JobStatus Man page
JobType Man page
ListBlueprints Man page
ListFeatureInfo Man page
ListFeaturelists Man page
ListJobs Man page
ListModelFeatures Man page
ListPredictionDatasets Man page
ListPrimeFiles Man page
ListPrimeModels Man page
ListReasonCodesMetadata Man page
ListTransferrableModels Man page
PauseQueue Man page
plot.listOfModels Man page
PostgreSQLdrivers Man page
PredictionDatasetFromAsyncUrl Man page
PrimeLanguage Man page
ProjectFromAsyncUrl Man page
RequestApproximation Man page
RequestBlender Man page
RequestFeatureImpact Man page
RequestFrozenDatetimeModel Man page
RequestFrozenModel Man page
RequestNewDatetimeModel Man page
RequestNewModel Man page
RequestPredictions Man page
RequestPredictionsForDataset Man page
RequestPrimeModel Man page
RequestReasonCodes Man page
RequestReasonCodesInitialization Man page
RequestSampleSizeUpdate Man page
RequestTransferrableModel Man page
ScoreBacktests Man page
SetTarget Man page
SetupProject Man page
SetupProjectFromHDFS Man page
SetupProjectFromMySQL Man page
SetupProjectFromOracle Man page
SetupProjectFromPostgreSQL Man page
StartNewAutoPilot Man page
summary.dataRobotModel Man page
summary.dataRobotProject Man page
summary.listOfBlueprints Man page
summary.listOfFeaturelists Man page
summary.listOfModels Man page
summary.projectSummaryList Man page
UnpauseQueue Man page
UpdateProject Man page
UpdateTransferrableModel Man page
UploadPredictionDataset Man page
UploadTransferrableModel Man page
ViewWebModel Man page
ViewWebProject Man page
WaitForAutopilot Man page
WaitForJobToComplete Man page


inst/doc/IntroductionToDataRobotRDSbuilder.R inst/doc/VariableImportance.R inst/doc/IntroductionToDataRobot.R inst/doc/ComparingSubsets.R
inst/doc/ComparingSubsetsRDSbuilder.R inst/doc/ReasonCodeVignette.R
tests/testthat/test-CreateStratifiedPartition.R tests/testthat/test-CreateRandomPartition.R tests/testthat/test-StartAutopilot.R tests/testthat/test-CreateGroupPartition.R tests/testthat/test-CreateUserPartition.R
R/GetProjectStatus.R R/RequestPrimeModel.R R/Deprecated.R R/summaryMethods.R R/WaitForJobToComplete.R R/GetRulesets.R R/TestUtilities.R R/WaitForAsyncReturn.R R/Enums.R R/FeatureImpact.R R/RequestSampleSizeUpdate.R R/Features.R R/GetProject.R R/Blenders.R R/GetPredictJobs.R R/GetModelJobs.R R/plot.listOfModels.R R/DownloadPrimeCode.R R/Stringify.R R/ConnectToDataRobot.R R/ReformatMetrics.R R/GetPrimeEligibility.R R/DeleteModelJob.R R/CreatePrimeCode.R R/asDataFrame.R R/PauseQueue.R R/PredictionDatasets.R R/ListFeaturelists.R R/DeleteProject.R R/listSubclass.R R/FormatMixedList.R R/GetPredictions.R R/ViewWebProject.R R/ViewWebModel.R R/TransferrableModels.R R/Exceptions.R R/DeletePredictJob.R R/UpdateProject.R R/GetValidMetrics.R R/RequestApproximation.R R/Partitions.R R/StartRetryWaiter.R R/CreateFeaturelist.R R/PrimeModels.R R/SetupProject.R R/UnpauseQueue.R R/ApplySchema.R R/DataRobotRequests.R R/WaitForAutopilot.R R/StartAutopilot.R R/Jobs.R R/ValidateProject.R R/GetProjectList.R R/DataRobot.R R/RequestPredictions.R R/GetFeaturelist.R R/zzz.R R/ReasonCodes.R R/Models.R R/PrimeFiles.R R/Blueprints.R
man/ProjectFromAsyncUrl.Rd man/ListJobs.Rd man/GetFeaturelist.Rd man/GetBlenderModel.Rd man/GetProjectList.Rd man/RequestFrozenDatetimeModel.Rd man/DeletePredictionDataset.Rd man/GetPrimeFile.Rd man/GetModelObject.Rd man/CreatePrimeCode.Rd man/DeleteModelJob.Rd man/SetTarget.Rd man/AutopilotMode.Rd man/CreateFeaturelist.Rd man/DeleteTransferrableModel.Rd man/ListPrimeModels.Rd man/GetProject.Rd man/GetFeatureImpactForModel.Rd man/JobType.Rd man/GetValidMetrics.Rd man/ConstructDurationString.Rd man/GetBlenderModelFromJobId.Rd man/cvMethods.Rd man/ViewWebModel.Rd man/WaitForAutopilot.Rd man/DeleteProject.Rd man/ man/summary.dataRobotModel.Rd man/RequestPredictionsForDataset.Rd man/GenerateDatetimePartition.Rd man/ViewWebProject.Rd man/CreateGroupPartition.Rd man/GetFrozenModelFromJobId.Rd man/GetTransferrableModel.Rd man/GetBlueprintDocuments.Rd man/GetModelParameters.Rd man/GetFeatureInfo.Rd man/GetFrozenModel.Rd man/WaitForJobToComplete.Rd man/DeletePredictJob.Rd man/plot.listOfModels.Rd man/RequestApproximation.Rd man/CreateStratifiedPartition.Rd man/GetModelJobs.Rd man/GetModelFromJobId.Rd man/GetPrimeEligibility.Rd man/RequestBlender.Rd man/UnpauseQueue.Rd man/GetDatetimeModelFromJobId.Rd man/DownloadPrimeCode.Rd man/GetReasonCodesRows.Rd man/datarobot-package.Rd man/UploadTransferrableModel.Rd man/GetBlueprintChart.Rd man/CreateDatetimePartitionSpecification.Rd man/PauseQueue.Rd man/GetPrimeModel.Rd man/ListFeaturelists.Rd man/PredictionDatasetFromAsyncUrl.Rd man/GetFeatureImpactForJobId.Rd man/ListPrimeFiles.Rd man/RequestPrimeModel.Rd man/FeatureFromAsyncUrl.Rd man/GetDatetimePartition.Rd man/GetBlueprint.Rd man/RequestFrozenModel.Rd man/UpdateProject.Rd man/GetReasonCodesMetadataFromJobId.Rd man/RequestNewDatetimeModel.Rd man/DeleteReasonCodesInitialization.Rd man/RequestFeatureImpact.Rd man/ConnectToDataRobot.Rd man/ListReasonCodesMetadata.Rd man/PostgreSQLdrivers.Rd man/PrimeLanguage.Rd man/UploadPredictionDataset.Rd man/CreateDerivedFeatures.Rd man/GetRulesets.Rd man/ListModelFeatures.Rd man/RequestSampleSizeUpdate.Rd man/GetProjectStatus.Rd man/GetPredictJobs.Rd man/RequestPredictions.Rd man/RequestReasonCodesInitialization.Rd man/GetReasonCodesInitialization.Rd man/JobStatus.Rd man/BlueprintChartToGraphviz.Rd man/SetupProjectFromMySQL.Rd man/GetAllModels.Rd man/ListPredictionDatasets.Rd man/RequestTransferrableModel.Rd man/GetReasonCodesInitializationFromJobId.Rd man/DeleteModel.Rd man/SetupProjectFromHDFS.Rd man/ListTransferrableModels.Rd man/SetupProject.Rd man/DeleteJob.Rd man/CreateBacktestSpecification.Rd man/GetPrimeFileFromJobId.Rd man/RequestNewModel.Rd man/GetPrimeModelFromJobId.Rd man/GetRecommendedBlueprints.Rd man/GetAllReasonCodesRowsAsDataFrame.Rd man/ScoreBacktests.Rd man/CreateRandomPartition.Rd man/DownloadTransferrableModel.Rd man/DownloadReasonCodes.Rd man/CreateUserPartition.Rd man/DeleteReasonCodes.Rd man/ListBlueprints.Rd man/StartNewAutoPilot.Rd man/SetupProjectFromPostgreSQL.Rd man/BlendMethods.Rd man/GetReasonCodesMetadata.Rd man/GetDatetimeModelObject.Rd man/ListFeatureInfo.Rd man/RequestReasonCodes.Rd man/SetupProjectFromOracle.Rd man/GetPredictions.Rd man/UpdateTransferrableModel.Rd

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