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CreateModelingFeaturelistR Documentation

This function allows the user to create a new featurelist in a project by specifying its name and a list of variables to be included


In time series projects, a new set of modeling features is created after setting the partitioning options. These features are automatically derived from those in the project's dataset and are the features used for modeling. Modeling features are only accessible once the target and partitioning options have been set. In projects that don't use time series modeling, once the target has been set, ModelingFeaturelists and Featurelists will behave the same.


CreateModelingFeaturelist(project, listName, featureNames)



character. Either (1) a character string giving the unique alphanumeric identifier for the project, or (2) a list containing the element projectId with this identifier.


character. String identifying the new featurelist to be created.


character. Vector listing the names of the variables to be included in the featurelist.


## Not run: 
  projectId <- "59a5af20c80891534e3c2bde"
  CreateModelingFeaturelist(projectId, "myFeaturelist", c("feature1", "feature2"))

## End(Not run)

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