ConnectToDataRobot: Establish a connection to the DataRobot modeling engine

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ConnectToDataRobotR Documentation

Establish a connection to the DataRobot modeling engine


This function initializes a DataRobot session. To use DataRobot, you must connect to your account. This can be done in three ways:

  • by passing an endpoint and token directly to ConnectToDataRobot

  • by having a YAML config file in $HOME/.config/datarobot/drconfig.yaml

  • by setting DATAROBOT_API_ENDPOINT and DATAROBOT_API_TOKEN environment variables

The three methods of authentication are given priority in that order (explicitly passing parameters to the function will trump a YAML config file, which will trump the environment variables.) If you have a YAML config file or environment variables set, you will not need to pass any parameters to ConnectToDataRobot in order to connect.


  endpoint = NULL,
  token = NULL,
  username = NULL,
  password = NULL,
  userAgentSuffix = NULL,
  sslVerify = TRUE,
  configPath = NULL



character. URL specifying the DataRobot server to be used. It depends on DataRobot modeling engine implementation (cloud-based, on-prem...) you are using. Contact your DataRobot admin for endpoint to use and to turn on API access to your account. The endpoint for DataRobot cloud accounts is


character. DataRobot API access token. It is unique for each DataRobot modeling engine account and can be accessed using DataRobot webapp in Account profile section.


character. No longer supported.


character. No longer supported.


character. Additional text that is appended to the User-Agent HTTP header when communicating with the DataRobot REST API. This can be useful for identifying different applications that are built on top of the DataRobot Python Client, which can aid debugging and help track usage.


logical. Whether to check the SSL certificate. Either TRUE to check (default), FALSE to not check.


character. Path to YAML config file specifying configuration (token and endpoint).


## Not run: 
  ConnectToDataRobot("", "thisismyfaketoken")
  ConnectToDataRobot(configPath = "~/.config/datarobot/drconfig.yaml")

## End(Not run)

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