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'DataRobot' Predictive Modeling API

AddEureqaSolutionAdd a Eureqa solution to the list of models for the project.
ApplySchemaApply a schema to DataRobot objects (lists, frames) S3 object methods for R's generic
as.dataRobotDeploymentAssociationIdSettingsAssociation ID settings for a deployment.
as.dataRobotFeatureInfoInformation on a data feature.
as.dataRobotMultiSeriesPropertiesReturn value for GetMultiSeriesProperties() and others
as.dataRobotProjectShortReturn value for SetupProject() and others
AutopilotModeAutopilot modes
BatchFeaturesTypeTransformCreate new features by transforming the type of an existing...
BlendMethodsBlend methods
BlueprintChartToGraphvizConvert a blueprint chart into graphviz DOT format
CheckUrlMake sure the path is a reasonable URL
ClassificationDeploymentAccuracyMetricAccuracy metrics for classification deployments
CleanServerDataReformat paginated data returned from the server.
CloneProjectClone a project
ComputeDatetimeTrendPlotsCompute datetime trend plots for datetime partitioned model.
ConnectToDataRobotEstablish a connection to the DataRobot modeling engine
ConstructDurationStringConstruct a valid string representing a duration in...
CreateBacktestSpecificationCreate a list describing backtest parameters
CreateCalendarCreate a calendar from an uploaded CSV.
CreateComplianceDocumentationCreate compliance documentation from a model.
CreateDataSourceCreate a data source.
CreateDataStoreCreate a data store.
CreateDatetimePartitionSpecificationCreate a list describing datetime partition parameters
CreateDeploymentCreate a deployment.
CreateDerivedFeaturesDerived Features
CreateFeaturelistCreate a new featurelist in a DataRobot project
CreateGroupPartitionCreate a group-based S3 object of class partition for the...
CreateModelingFeaturelistThis function allows the user to create a new featurelist in...
CreatePrimeCodeCreate and validate the downloadable code for the ruleset...
CreateRandomPartitionCreate a random sampling-based S3 object of class partition...
CreateRatingTableCreates and validates a new rating table from an uploaded...
CreateStratifiedPartitionCreate a stratified sampling-based S3 object of class...
CreateUserPartitionCreate a class partition object for use in the SetTarget...
CrossValidateModelRun cross validation on a model.
cvMethodsCV methods
DataPartitionData Partition methods
DataPathFromDataArgGet the data path.
datarobot-packagedatarobot: 'DataRobot' Predictive Modeling API
DataSubsetData subset for training predictions
DatetimeTrendPlotsResolutionsDatetime trend plots resolutions
DatetimeTrendPlotsStatusesDatetime trend plots statuses
DeleteAnomalyAssessmentRecordDelete anomaly assessment record.
DeleteCalendarDelete a calendar
DeleteComplianceDocTemplateDeletes a compliance doc template.
DeleteDataSourceDelete a data store.
DeleteDataStoreDelete a data store.
DeleteDeploymentDelete a deployment.
DeleteFeaturelistDelete a featurelist
DeleteJobCancel a running job
DeleteModelDelete a specified DataRobot model
DeleteModelingFeaturelistDelete a modeling featurelist
DeleteModelJobDelete a model job from the modeling queue
DeletePredictionDatasetDelete a specified prediction dataset
DeletePredictionExplanationsFunction to delete prediction explanations
DeletePredictionExplanationsInitializationDelete the prediction explanations initialization for a...
DeletePredictJobFunction to delete one predict job from the DataRobot queue
DeleteProjectDelete a specified element from the DataRobot project list
DeleteTransferableModelDelete this imported model.
DeploymentAccuracyMetricDeployment accuracy metrics
DeploymentServiceHealthMetricDeployment service health metrics
DeprecatedHeaderMessageHandler for Deprecated header in API responses
DifferencingMethodDifferencing method
DownloadComplianceDocTemplateDownload a compliance doc template (in JSON format).
DownloadComplianceDocumentationDownload compliance documentation (in DOCX format).
DownloadPredictionExplanationsFunction to download and save prediction explanations rows as...
DownloadPrimeCodeDownload the code of DataRobot Prime model and save it to a...
DownloadRatingTableDownload a rating table to a CSV.
DownloadScoringCodeDownload scoring code JAR
DownloadSeriesAccuracyDownload the series accuracy for a model, computing it if not...
DownloadTimeSeriesFeatureDerivationLogDownload the time series feature derivation log as a text...
DownloadTrainingPredictionsDownload training predictions on a specified data set.
DownloadTransferableModelDownload an transferable model file for use in an on-premise...
ExpectHasKeysMake sure that the object has all of the keys specified. Also...
FeatureFromAsyncUrlRetrieve a feature from the creation URL
GenerateDatetimePartitionPreview the full partitioning determined by a...
GetAccuracyOverTimePlotRetrieve Accuracy over Time plot for a model.
GetAccuracyOverTimePlotPreviewRetrieve Accuracy over Time preview plot for a model.
GetAccuracyOverTimePlotsMetadataRetrieve Accuracy over Time plots metadata for a model.
GetAnomalyAssessmentExplanationsRetrieve anomaly assessment explanations.
GetAnomalyAssessmentPredictionsPreviewRetrieve anomaly assessment predictions preview.
GetBlenderModelRetrieve the details of a specified blender model
GetBlenderModelFromJobIdRetrieve a new or updated blender model defined by modelJobId
GetBlueprintRetrieve a blueprint
GetBlueprintChartRetrieve a blueprint chart
GetBlueprintDocumentationGet documentation for tasks used in the blueprint
GetCalendarRetrieve a calendar
GetCalendarFromProjectRetrieve the calendar for a particular project.
GetComplianceDocTemplateGet a compliance doc template.
GetConfusionChartRetrieve a model's confusion chart for a specified source.
GetCrossValidationScoresGet cross validation scores
GetDataSourceReturns information about a particular data source.
GetDataStoreReturns information about a particular data store.
GetDataStoreSchemasGet the schemas associated with a data store.
GetDataStoreTablesGet all tables associated with a data store.
GetDatetimeModelRetrieve the details of a specified datetime model.
GetDatetimeModelFromJobIdRetrieve a new or updated datetime model defined by...
GetDatetimePartitionRetrieve the DatetimePartitioning from a project
GetDeploymentGet information on a particular deployment.
GetDeploymentAccuracyRetrieve accuracy statistics for a deployment.
GetDeploymentAccuracyOverTimeRetrieves accuracy statistics over time on given metrics for...
GetDeploymentAssociationIdDeployment Association ID
GetDeploymentDriftTrackingSettingsGet drift tracking settings for a deployment.
GetDeploymentServiceStatsRetrieve service health statistics for a deployment.
GetDeploymentServiceStatsOverTimeRetrieves service health statistics over time on given...
GetDeploymentSettingsRetrieves all settings for a deployed model.
GetDriverReturns information about a particular driver.
GetFeatureAssociationMatrixGet pairwise feature association statistics for a project's...
GetFeatureAssociationMatrixDetailsGet a sample of the actual values used to measure the...
GetFeatureHistogramRetrieve histogram plot data for a specific feature
GetFeatureImpactGet the feature impact for a model, requesting the feature...
GetFeatureImpactForJobIdRetrieve completed Feature Impact results given a job ID
GetFeatureImpactForModelRetrieve completed Feature Impact results given a model
GetFeatureInfoDetails about a feature
GetFeaturelistRetrieve a specific featurelist from a DataRobot project
GetFrozenModelRetrieve the details of a specified frozen model
GetFrozenModelFromJobIdRetrieve a frozen model defined by modelJobId
GetGeneralizedInsightAn internal function to help fetch insights.
GetJobRequest information about a job
GetLiftChartRetrieve lift chart data for a model for a data partition...
GetMissingValuesReportGet a report on missing values for the model.
GetModelRetrieve the details of a specified model
GetModelBlueprintChartRetrieve a model blueprint chart
GetModelBlueprintDocumentationGet documentation for tasks used in the model blueprint
GetModelCapabilitiesGet supported capabilities for a model, e.g., whether it has...
GetModelFromJobIdRetrieve a new or updated model defined by modelJobId
GetModelingFeaturelistRetrieve a specific modeling featurelist from a DataRobot...
GetModelJobRequest information about a single model job
GetModelParametersRetrieve model parameters
GetModelRecommendationRetrieve a model recommendation from DataRobot for your...
GetMultiSeriesPropertiesRetrieve time series properties for a potential multiseries...
GetParetoFrontPareto Front data for a Eureqa model
GetPredictionDatasetRetrieve data on a prediction dataset
GetPredictionExplanationsGet prediction explanations
GetPredictionExplanationsInitializationRetrieve the prediction explanations initialization for a...
GetPredictionExplanationsInitializationFromJobIdRetrieve the prediction explanations initialization for a...
GetPredictionExplanationsMetadataRetrieve metadata for specified prediction explanations
GetPredictionExplanationsMetadataFromJobIdRetrieve the prediction explanations metadata for a model...
GetPredictionExplanationsRowsRetrieve all prediction explanations rows
GetPredictionExplanationsRowsAsDataFrameRetrieve all prediction explanations rows and return them as...
GetPredictionsRetrieve model predictions
GetPredictJobRequest information about a predict job
GetPredictJobsFunction to list all prediction jobs in a project
GetPrimeEligibilityCheck if model can be approximated with DataRobot Prime
GetPrimeFileRetrieve a specific Prime file from a DataRobot project
GetPrimeFileFromJobIdRetrieve a specific Prime file from a DataRobot project for...
GetPrimeModelRetrieve information about specified DataRobot Prime model.
GetPrimeModelFromJobIdRetrieve information about specified DataRobot Prime model...
GetProjectRetrieve details about a specified DataRobot modeling project
GetProjectStatusRequest Autopilot status for a specified DataRobot project
GetRatingTableRetrieve a single rating table.
GetRatingTableFromJobIdGet a rating table from the rating table job metadata.
GetRatingTableModelRetrieve information about specified model with a rating...
GetRatingTableModelFromJobIdRetrieve a new or updated rating table model defined by a job...
GetRecommendedModelRetrieve the model object that DataRobot recommends for your...
GetRedirectFromResponseHelper method to retrieve the redirect from the response...
GetResidualsChartRetrieve residuals chart data for a model for a data...
GetRocCurveRetrieve ROC curve data for a model for a particular data...
GetRulesetsList the rulesets approximating a model generated by...
GetSeriesAccuracyGet the computed series accuracy for a model, computing it if...
GetSeriesAccuracyForModelGet the series accuracy associated with a particular model.
GetServerDataInRowsHandle server side pagination.
GetTimeSeriesFeatureDerivationLogRetrieve the time series feature derivation log content
GetTrainingPredictionDataFrameSimplify the training prediction rows into a tidy format...
GetTrainingPredictionsRetrieve training predictions on a specified data set.
GetTrainingPredictionsForModelGet training predictions for a particular model.
GetTrainingPredictionsFromJobIdRetrieve the training predictions for a model using a job id.
GetTransferableModelRetrieve imported model info using import id
GetTuningParametersRetrieve data on tuning parameters for a particular model.
GetValidMetricsRetrieve the valid fitting metrics for a specified project...
GetWordCloudRetrieve word cloud data for a model.
InitializeAnomalyAssessmentRequest anomaly assessment insight computation on the...
IsBlenderEligibleCheck whether individual models can be blended together
IsIdChecks if an id is a valid DataRobot ID (24 character string)
IsParameterInCheck if a parameter is in a list of possibilities.
JobStatusJob statuses
JobTypeJob type
ListAnomalyAssessmentRecordsRetrieve anomaly assessment records.
ListBlueprintsRetrieve the list of available blueprints for a project
ListCalendarsList all available calendars.
ListComplianceDocTemplatesRetrieve information about all compliance doc templates.
ListConfusionChartsReturns all available confusion charts for the model.
ListDataSourcesReturns a dataframe with information on available data...
ListDataStoresReturns a dataframe with information on available data...
ListDeploymentsList all current model deployments.
ListDriversReturns a dataframe with information on available drivers.
ListFeatureInfoDetails about all features for this project
ListFeaturelistsRetrieve all featurelists associated with a project
ListJobsRetrieve information about jobs
ListLiftChartsRetrieve lift chart data for a model for all available data...
ListModelFeaturesReturns the list of features (i.e., variables) on which a...
ListModelingFeaturelistsRetrieve all modeling featurelists associated with a project
ListModelJobsRetrieve status of Autopilot modeling jobs that are not...
ListModelRecommendationsRetrieve information about model recommendation made by...
ListModelsRetrieve all available model information for a DataRobot...
ListPredictionDatasetsRetrieve all prediction datasets associated with a project
ListPredictionExplanationsMetadataRetrieve metadata for prediction explanations in specified...
ListPredictionsFetch all computed predictions for a project.
ListPredictionServersList all available prediction servers.
ListPrimeFilesList all downloadable code files from DataRobot Prime for the...
ListPrimeModelsRetrieve information about all DataRobot Prime models for a...
ListProjectsRetrieve a list of all DataRobot projects
ListRatingTableModelsRetrieve information about all DataRobot models with a rating...
ListRatingTablesRetrieve information about all rating tables.
ListResidualsChartsRetrieve residuals chart data for a model for all available...
ListRocCurvesRetrieve ROC curve data for a model for all available data...
ListSharingAccessList information about which users have what kinds of access...
ListStarredModelsList all the starred models in a project.
ListTrainingPredictionsRetrieve information about all training prediction datasets...
ListTransferableModelsRetrieve information about all imported models This function...
MakeDataRobotRequestMake a HTTP request
ModelCapabilityModel capabilities
ModelReplacementReasonModel replacement reason
MulticlassDeploymentAccuracyMetricAccuracy metrics for multiclass deployments
PauseQueuePause the DataRobot modeling queue
PeriodicityMaxTimeStepPeriodicity max time step
PeriodicityTimeUnitsPeriodicity time units
plot.listOfModelsPlot method for DataRobot S3 objects of class listOfModels
PostgreSQLdriversPostgreSQL drivers
PredictRetrieve model predictions
predict.dataRobotModelRetrieve model predictions using R's default S3 'predict'...
PredictionDatasetFromAsyncUrlRetrieve prediction dataset info from the dataset creation...
PrimeLanguagePrime Language
ProjectFromJobResponseRetrieve a project from the job response, which has a...
ProjectStageProject stage
RecommendedModelTypeRecommended model type values
ReformatMetricsreplace NULL in $metrics list elements with NA
RegressionDeploymentAccuracyMetricAccuracy metrics for regression deployments
RenameRatingTableRenames a rating table to a different name.
reorderColumnsReorder the columns in a data.frame
ReplaceDeployedModelReplace a model in a deployment with another model.
RequestApproximationRequest an approximation of a model using DataRobot Prime
RequestBlenderSubmit a job for creating blender model. Upon success, the...
RequestCrossSeriesDetectionFormat a cross series with group by columns.
RequestFeatureImpactRequest Feature Impact to be computed.
RequestFrozenDatetimeModelTrain a new frozen datetime model with parameters from the...
RequestFrozenModelTrain a new frozen model with parameters from specified model
RequestMultiSeriesDetectionFormat a multiseries.
RequestNewDatetimeModelAdds a new datetime model of the type specified by the...
RequestNewModelAdds a new model of type specified by blueprint to a...
RequestNewRatingTableModelCreate a new model from a rating table.
RequestPredictionExplanationsRequest prediction explanations computation for a specified...
RequestPredictionExplanationsInitializationRequest prediction explanations initialization for specified...
RequestPredictionsRequest predictions from a model against a previously...
RequestPrimeModelRequest training for a DataRobot Prime model using a...
RequestSampleSizeUpdateRefits an existing model to a different fraction of the...
RequestSeriesAccuracyCompute the series accuracy for a model.
RequestTrainingPredictionsRequest training predictions for a specific model.
RequestTransferableModelRequest creation of a transferable model
RFC3339DateTimeFormatRFC 3339 datetime format
RunInteractiveTuningRun an interactive model tuning session.
ScoreBacktestsCompute the scores for all available backtests.
SegmentAnalysisAttributeSegment analysis attributes
SeriesAggregationTypeSeries aggregation type
SetPredictionThresholdSet a custom prediction threshold for binary classification...
SetTargetSet the target variable (and by default, start the DataRobot...
SetupProjectFunction to set up a new DataRobot project
SetupProjectFromDataSourceCreate a project from a data source.
SetupProjectFromHDFSFunction to set up a new DataRobot project using datasource...
ShareShare a shareable object with a particular user.
SharingRoleSharing role
SourceTypeSource types
StarModelStar a model.
StartNewAutoPilotStarts autopilot on provided featurelist. Only one autopilot...
StartProjectStart a project, set the target, and run autopilot.
StartRetryWaiterCreates a waiter function that can be used in a loop while...
StartTuningSessionCreate a function to initiate hyperparameter tuning for a...
StringifyConvert a function into a single string for DataRobot
SubmitActualsSubmit actuals for processing.
summary.dataRobotModelDataRobot S3 object methods for R's generic summary function
summary.listOfDataRobotTuningParametersSummarize the list of tuning parameters available for a...
TargetLeakageTypeTarget leakage report values
TargetTypeTarget Type modes
TestDataStoreTest the database connection to the data store.
tidyServiceOverTimeObjectTidies a ServiceOverTime response object for use in a DF
TimeUnitsTime units
ToggleStarForModelStar a model if it is unstarred, otherwise unstar the model.
transformRFC3339PeriodThe DataRobot Monitoring APIs return dates formatted as RFC...
TreatAsExponentialTreat as exponential
TryingToSubmitNullChecks to see if we are trying to submit 'NULL' as a value.
UnpauseQueueRe-start the DataRobot modeling queue
UnstarModelUnstar a model.
UpdateAccessUpdate access to a particular object.
UpdateCalendarUpdate a calendar
UpdateComplianceDocTemplateUpdate the name or sections of an existing doc template.
UpdateDataSourceUpdate a data store.
UpdateDataStoreUpdate a data store.
UpdateDeploymentDriftTrackingSettingsUpdate drift tracking settings for a deployment.
UpdateDeploymentSettingsUpdates configuration settings for a deployed model.
UpdateFeaturelistUpdate a featurelist
UpdateModelingFeaturelistUpdate a modeling featurelist
UpdateProjectUpdate parameters for an existing project
UpdateTransferableModelUpdate the display name or note for an imported model.
UploadComplianceDocTemplateUpload a compliance doc template.
UploadDataUpload a data source.
UploadPredictionDatasetFunction to upload new data to a DataRobot project for...
UploadPredictionDatasetFromDataSourceUpload a prediction dataset from a data source.
UploadTransferableModelImport a previously exported model for predictions.
ValidateActualsValidate that the actuals are a dataframe and contain...
ValidateCalendarGet a calendar id from a calendar object.
ValidateModelValidate that model belongs to class 'dataRobotModel' and...
ValidateMultiSeriesPropertiesValidate that the multiseries properties indicate a...
ValidateParameterInEnsure a parameter is valid
ValidatePartitionChecks if a partition is valid.
ValidateProjectGet a projectId from a project object.
ValidateReplaceDeployedModelValidate a potential deployment model replacement.
validateReportingPeriodTimeHelper function for validating reporting period objects used...
VariableTransformTypesTypes of variable transformations
ViewWebModelRetrieve a DataRobot web page that displays detailed model...
ViewWebProjectRetrieve a DataRobot web page that displays detailed project...
WaitForAutopilotThis function periodically checks whether Autopilot is...
WaitForJobToCompleteWait for specified job to complete
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