RequestPredictions: Request predictions for model from newdata

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This function uploads the data source defined by newdata and requests the predictions generated from this data source by model. The data source is specified in the same way as for the function SetupProject and can be either a CSV file or a dataframe containing the features on which model was built. Note that this function only requests the predictions be generated and returns a prediction job identifier to be used by the GetPredictions function to retrieve the predictions once they have been generated.


RequestPredictions(model, newdata)



An S3 object of class dataRobotModel like that returned by the function GetModel, or each element of the list returned by the function ListModels.


object. Either (a) the name of a CSV file or (b) a dataframe; in either case, this parameter identifies the source of the data from which all model predictions will be generated. See Details.


The DataRobot modeling engine requires a CSV file containing the data to be used in generating predictions, and this has been implemented here in two ways. The first and simpler is to specify dataSource as the name of this CSV file, but for the convenience of those who wish to work with dataframes, this function also provides the option of specifying a dataframe, which is then written to a CSV file and uploaded to the DataRobot server. In this case, the file name is either specified directly by the user through the saveFile parameter, or indirectly from the name of the dataSource dataframe if saveFile = NULL (the default). In this second case, the file name consists of the name of the dataSource dataframe with the string csvExtension appended.


Integer predictJobId to be used by GetPredictions function to retrieve the model predictions.

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