RequestNewModel: Adds a new model of type specified by blueprint to a...

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This function requests the creation of a new model in the DataRobot modeling project defined by the project parameter. The function also allows the user to specify alternatives to the project default for featurelist, samplePct, and scoringType. This function returns an integer modelJobId value, which can be used by the GetModelFromJobId function to return the full model object.


RequestNewModel(project, blueprint, featurelist = NULL, samplePct = NULL,
  scoringType = NULL)



Either (1) a character string giving the unique alphanumeric identifier for the project, or (2) a list containing the element projectId with this identifier.


A list with at least the following two elements: blueprintId and projectId. Note that the individual elements of the list returned by GetRecommendedBlueprints are admissible values for this parameter.


A list that contains the element featurelistId that specifies the featurelist to be used in building the model; if not specified (i.e., for the default value NULL), the project default (Informative Features) is used.


Numeric, specifying the percentage of the training dataset to be used in building the new model; if not specified (i.e., for the default value NULL), the maxTrainPct value for the project is used.


Character string specifying the scoring type; default is validation set scoring, but cross-validation averaging is also possible.


Motivation for this function is the fact that some models - e.g., very complex machine learning models fit to large datasets - may take a long time to complete. Splitting the model creation request from model retrieval in these cases allows the user to perform other interactive R session tasks between the time the model creation/update request is made and the time the final model is available. Note : For datetime partitioned projects, use “RequestNewDatetimeModel' instead


An integer value that can be used as the modelJobId parameter in subsequent calls to the GetModelFromJobId function.

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