StartNewAutoPilot: Starts autopilot on provided featurelist. Only one autopilot can be running at the time. That's why any ongoing autopilot on different featurelist will be halted - modelling jobs in queue would not be affected but new jobs would not be added to queue by halted autopilot.


There is an error if autopilot is currently running on or has already finished running on the provided featurelist and also if project's target was not selected (via SetTarget).


StartNewAutoPilot(project, featurelistId, mode = AutopilotMode$FullAuto)



Either (1) a character string giving the unique alphanumeric identifier for the project, or (2) a list containing the element projectId with this identifier.


Specifies which feature list to use. If NULL (default), a default featurelist is used.


The desired autopilot mode: either AutopilotMode$FullAuto (default) or AutopilotMode$SemiAuto (SemiAuto is deprecated in 2.3, will be removed in 3.0)

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