GetValidMetrics: Retrieve the valid fitting metrics for a specified project...

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GetValidMetricsR Documentation

Retrieve the valid fitting metrics for a specified project and target


For the response variable defined by the character string target and the project defined by the parameter project, return the vector of metric names that can be specified for fitting models in this project. This function is intended for use after SetupProject has been run but before SetTarget, allowing the user to specify valid non-default values for the metric parameter.


GetValidMetrics(project, target)



character. Either (1) a character string giving the unique alphanumeric identifier for the project, or (2) a list containing the element projectId with this identifier.


character. String giving the name of the response variable to be predicted by all project models.


Character vector containing the names of the metric values that are valid for a subsequent call to the SetTarget function.


## Not run: 
  projectId <- "59a5af20c80891534e3c2bde"
  GetValidMetrics(projectId, "targetFeature")

## End(Not run)

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