GetPredictions: Retrieve model predictions from predictJobId

Description Usage Arguments Details Value


This function is called with a project descriptor and an integer predictJobId, obtained from an earlier call to RequestPredictions. It returns the predictions generated for the model and data specified in this prior function call.


GetPredictions(project, predictJobId, type = "response", maxWait = 600)



Either (1) a character string giving the unique alphanumeric identifier for the project, or (2) a list containing the element projectId with this identifier.


Integer, identifying the prediction job created by the call to RequestPredictions.


Character string, specifying the type of response for binary classifiers; see Details.


Integer, The maximum time (in seconds) to wait for the prediction job to complete


The contents of the return vector depends on both the modeling task - binary classification or regression - and the value of the type parameter. For regression tasks, the type parameter is ignored and a vector of numerical predictions of the response variable is returned. For binary classification tasks, either a vector of predicted responses is returned if type has the value "response" (the default), or a vector of probabilities for the positive class is returned, if type is "probability".

This function will error if the requested job has errored, or if it isn't complete within maxWait seconds.


Vector of predictions, depending on the modeling task ("Binary" or "Regression") and the value of the type parameter; see Details.

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