Man pages for dpcR
Digital PCR Analysis

adpcr2panelConvert adpcr object to array
adpcr2pppConvert adpcr to ppp
adpcr-classClass '"adpcr"' - end-point array digital PCR experiments
binarizeBinarize digital PCR data
bind_dpcr-methodsBind dpcr objects
bioampA function to analyze plot the raw data from a Bio-Rad...
BioradCNVCopy number variation experiment
calc_coordinatesCalculate Array Coordinates
compare_densPlot and Compare Densities
count_test-classClass '"count_test"'
create_dpcrCreate dpcR object
ddpcRquantQuantify droplets
df2dpcrConvert data.frame to dpcr object
dpcr2df-methodsConvert dpcr object to data frame
dpcr-classClass '"dpcr"' - general digital PCR
dpcr_densityCalculate Density of Single dPCR Run
dpcr_density_guiDigital PCR Density Graphical User Interface
dpcr_density_tableCalculate Density of Multiple dPCR runs
dpcReportDigital PCR Report Graphical User Interface
dPCRmethylMethylated human gDNA
dpcR-packageDigital PCR Analysis
extract_dpcrExtract Assays or Experiments
extract_runExtract Digital PCR Run
limit_cqLimit Cy0 values
many_peaksArtificial data set with many peaks
moments-methodsCalculate Moments of Poisson Distribution
num2intConvert numeric to integer
pdsPlasmid dilution series results
pds_rawPlasmid dilution series raw data
plot_panelPlot Panel
plot.qdpcrPlot 'qdpcr' objects
plot_vic_famAmplitude Plot VIC and FAM Channels of a Droplet Digital PCR...
qdpcr-classClass '"qdpcr"'
qpcr2ppqPCR to Poisson Process
qpcr_analyserqPCR Analyser
read_ampRead digital PCR amplitude raw data
read_BioMarkRead BioMark
read_dpcrRead digital PCR data
read_QX100Read QX100
read_QX200Read QX200
read_redfRead digital PCR raw data
rename_dpcrRename object
rtadpcr-classClass '"rtadpcr"' - real-time array digital PCR experiments
show-methodsMethods for Function 'show'
sim_adpcrSimulate Array Digital PCR
sim_dpcrSimulate Droplet Digital PCR
six_panelsSimulated Digital PCR data
summary-methodsMethods for Function 'summary'
test_countsTest counts
test_counts_guiCompare digital PCR runs - interactive presentation
test_panelDispersion Test for Spatial Point Pattern in Array dPCR Based...
test_peaksPeak Test
test_pooledCompare pooled digital PCR
WhiteDigitalized Data from a Fluidigm Array
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