Man pages for genBaRcode
Analysis and Visualization Tools for Genetic Barcode Data

asBCdatData Type Conversion
BC_datBarcode distribution of an example experiment.
BCdat-classBCdat class.
BC_dat_ECBarcode distribution of an example experiment.
com_pairCompairing two BCdat Objects
createGDFCreating a gdf File
dot-createPatternFileInternal function
dot-generateColorsColor list generation
dot-getBarcodeFilterInternal function
dot-getDiagonalIndexIndex Generation
dot-getMinDistDistance calculation
dot-hex2rgbColorConverts hex colors into gephi usable rgb colors
dot-revCompDNA string manipulation
dot-revComp_EqLengthDNA string manipulation for equal string sizes
dot-revComp_UneqLengthDNA string manipulation for unequal string sizes
dot-testDirIdentifierInternal function
errorCorrectionError Correction
error_correction_circlePlotCircle Plot
error_correction_clustered_HDsClustered HD Plot
error_correction_treePlotTree Plot
extractBarcodesBarcode extraction
genBaRcode_appShiny App
generateKirchenplotPlotting a Kirchenplot
generateTimeSeriesDataGenerating Time Series Data Object
getBackboneAccessing the Barcode Backbone slot of a BCdat objects.
getBackboneSelectionPredefined Barcode Backbone Sequences
getLabelAccessing the Label slot of a BCdat objects.
getReadsAccessing the Read-Count slot of a BCdat objects.
getResultsDirAccessing the Results Directory slot of a BCdat objects.
ggplotDistanceGraphPlotting a Distance Network
ggplotDistanceGraph_ECPlotting a Distance Network (error correction)
hybridsIdentificationIdentifies hybrid barcodes
plotClusterGgTreePlotting a Cluster ggTree
plotClusterTreePlotting a Cluster Tree
plotDistanceIgraphPlotting a Distance Network
plotDistanceVisNetworkPlotting a Distance Network
plotDistanceVisNetwork_ECPlotting a Distance Network (error correction)
plotNucFrequencyPlotting Nucleotide Frequency
plotQualityScoreDisPlotting Quality Score Distribution
plotQualityScorePerCyclePlotting Quality Score per Cycle
plotReadFrequenciesPlotting a Barplot
plotSeqLogoPlots a sequence logo
plotTimeSeriesPlotting Time Series Data
plotVennDiagramPlotting a VennDiagram
prepareDatObjectData Object Preparation
processingRawDataData processing
qualityFilteringQuality Filtering
readBCdatData Input
setBackboneReplacing the Barcode Backbone slot of a BCdat objects.
setLabelReplacing the Label slot of a BCdat objects.
setReadsReplacing the Read-Count slot of a BCdat objects.
setResultsDirReplacing the Results Directory slot of a BCdat objects.
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