Man pages for ggplot2
Create Elegant Data Visualisations Using the Grammar of Graphics

absoluteGrobAbsolute grob
add_themeModify properties of an element in a theme object
aesConstruct aesthetic mappings
aes_Define aesthetic mappings programmatically
aes_allGiven a character vector, create a set of identity mappings
aes_autoAutomatic aesthetic mapping
aes_colour_fill_alphaColour related aesthetics: colour, fill, and alpha
aes_evalControl aesthetic evaluation
aes_group_orderAesthetics: grouping
aes_linetype_size_shapeDifferentiation related aesthetics: linetype, size, shape
aes_positionPosition related aesthetics: x, y, xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax,...
annotateCreate an annotation layer
annotation_customAnnotation: Custom grob
annotation_logticksAnnotation: log tick marks
annotation_mapAnnotation: a map
annotation_rasterAnnotation: high-performance rectangular tiling
as_labellerCoerce to labeller function
as.list.ggprotoConvert a ggproto object to a list
autolayerCreate a ggplot layer appropriate to a particular data type
autoplotCreate a complete ggplot appropriate to a particular data...
benchplotBenchmark plot creation time. Broken down into construct,...
bidirectionUtilities for working with bidirectional layers
binned_scaleBinning scale constructor
bordersCreate a layer of map borders
calc_elementCalculate the element properties, by inheriting properties...
combine_varsTake input data and define a mapping between faceting...
continuous_scaleContinuous scale constructor
coord_cartesianCartesian coordinates
coord_fixedCartesian coordinates with fixed "aspect ratio"
coord_flipCartesian coordinates with x and y flipped
coord_mapMap projections
coord_munchMunch coordinates data
coord_polarPolar coordinates
coord_transTransformed Cartesian coordinate system
cut_intervalDiscretise numeric data into categorical
datetime_scaleDate/time scale constructor
diamondsPrices of over 50,000 round cut diamonds
discrete_scaleDiscrete scale constructor
draw_keyKey glyphs for legends
economicsUS economic time series
elementTheme elements
element_grobGenerate grid grob from theme element
element_renderRender a specified theme element into a grob
expand_limitsExpand the plot limits, using data
expansionGenerate expansion vector for scales
facet_gridLay out panels in a grid
facet_nullFacet specification: a single panel.
facet_wrapWrap a 1d ribbon of panels into 2d
faithfuld2d density estimate of Old Faithful data
find_panelFind panels in a gtable
fortifyFortify a model with data.
fortify.lmSupplement the data fitted to a linear model with model fit...
fortify.mapFortify method for map objects
fortify-multcompFortify methods for objects produced by 'multcomp'
fortify.spFortify method for classes from the sp package.
geom_ablineReference lines: horizontal, vertical, and diagonal
geom_barBar charts
geom_bin_2dHeatmap of 2d bin counts
geom_blankDraw nothing
geom_boxplotA box and whiskers plot (in the style of Tukey)
geom_contour2D contours of a 3D surface
geom_countCount overlapping points
geom_densitySmoothed density estimates
geom_density_2dContours of a 2D density estimate
geom_dotplotDot plot
geom_errorbarhHorizontal error bars
geom_functionDraw a function as a continuous curve
geom_hexHexagonal heatmap of 2d bin counts
geom_histogramHistograms and frequency polygons
geom_jitterJittered points
geom_linerangeVertical intervals: lines, crossbars & errorbars
geom_mapPolygons from a reference map
geom_pathConnect observations
geom_qqA quantile-quantile plot
geom_quantileQuantile regression
geom_ribbonRibbons and area plots
geom_rugRug plots in the margins
geom_segmentLine segments and curves
geom_smoothSmoothed conditional means
geom_spokeLine segments parameterised by location, direction and...
geom_violinViolin plot
get_alt_textExtract alt text from a plot
gg-addAdd components to a plot
gg_depGive a deprecation error, warning, or message, depending on...
ggplotCreate a new ggplot
ggplot2-ggprotoBase ggproto classes for ggplot2
ggplot2-packageggplot2: Create Elegant Data Visualisations Using the Grammar...
ggplot_addAdd custom objects to ggplot
ggplot_buildBuild ggplot for rendering.
ggplotGrobGenerate a ggplot2 plot grob.
ggplot_gtableBuild a plot with all the usual bits and pieces.
ggprotoCreate a new ggproto object
ggsaveSave a ggplot (or other grid object) with sensible defaults
ggsfVisualise sf objects
ggthemeComplete themes
graphical-unitsGraphical units
guide_axisAxis guide
guide_binsA binned version of guide_legend
guide_colourbarContinuous colour bar guide
guide_colourstepsDiscretized colourbar guide
guide-extsS3 generics for guides.
guide_legendLegend guide
guide_noneEmpty guide
guidesSet guides for each scale
hmiscA selection of summary functions from Hmisc
is.CoordIs this object a coordinate system?
is.facetIs this object a faceting specification?
is.ggplotReports whether x is a ggplot object
is.relReports whether x is a rel object
is.themeReports whether x is a theme object
label_bquoteLabel with mathematical expressions
labellerConstruct labelling specification
labellersUseful labeller functions
labsModify axis, legend, and plot labels
last_plotRetrieve the last plot to be modified or created.
layerCreate a new layer
layer_sfCreate a new sf layer that auto-maps geometry data
limitsGenerate correct scale type for specified limits
limsSet scale limits
luv_colours'colors()' in Luv space
map_dataCreate a data frame of map data
max_heightGet the maximal width/length of a list of grobs
mean_seCalculate mean and standard error of the mean
merge_elementMerge a parent element into a child element
midwestMidwest demographics
mpgFuel economy data from 1999 to 2008 for 38 popular models of...
msleepAn updated and expanded version of the mammals sleep dataset
position_dodgeDodge overlapping objects side-to-side
position_identityDon't adjust position
position_jitterJitter points to avoid overplotting
position_jitterdodgeSimultaneously dodge and jitter
position_nudgeNudge points a fixed distance
position_stackStack overlapping objects on top of each another
presidentialTerms of 12 presidents from Eisenhower to Trump
print.ggplotExplicitly draw plot
print.ggprotoFormat or print a ggproto object
qplotQuick plot
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
register_theme_elementsDefine and register new theme elements
remove_missingConvenience function to remove missing values from a...
render_axesRender panel axes
render_stripsRender panel strips
resolutionCompute the "resolution" of a numeric vector
scale_alphaAlpha transparency scales
scale_binnedPositional scales for binning continuous data (x & y)
scale_brewerSequential, diverging and qualitative colour scales from...
scale_colour_continuousContinuous and binned colour scales
scale_colour_discreteDiscrete colour scales
scale_continuousPosition scales for continuous data (x & y)
scale_datePosition scales for date/time data
scale_discretePosition scales for discrete data
scale_gradientGradient colour scales
scale_greySequential grey colour scales
scale_hueEvenly spaced colours for discrete data
scale_identityUse values without scaling
scale_linetypeScale for line patterns
scale_linewidthScales for line width
scale_manualCreate your own discrete scale
scale_shapeScales for shapes, aka glyphs
scale_sizeScales for area or radius
scale_stepsBinned gradient colour scales
scale_typeDetermine default scale type
scale_viridisViridis colour scales from viridisLite
sealsVector field of seal movements
sec_axisSpecify a secondary axis
set_last_plotSet the last plot to be fetched by lastplot()
sf_transform_xyTransform spatial position data
should_stopUsed in examples to illustrate when errors should occur.
standardise_aes_namesStandardise aesthetic names
stat_ecdfCompute empirical cumulative distribution
stat_ellipseCompute normal data ellipses
stat_identityLeave data as is
stat_sf_coordinatesExtract coordinates from 'sf' objects
stat_summarySummarise y values at unique/binned x
stat_summary_2dBin and summarise in 2d (rectangle & hexagons)
stat_uniqueRemove duplicates
summarise_plotSummarise built plot objects
summary.ggplotDisplays a useful description of a ggplot object
themeModify components of a theme
theme_getGet, set, and modify the active theme
tidyevalTidy eval helpers
transform_positionConvenience function to transform all position variables.
txhousingHousing sales in TX
update_defaultsModify geom/stat aesthetic defaults for future plots
update_labelsUpdate axis/legend labels
varsQuote faceting variables
waiverA waiver object.
wrap_dimsArrange 1d structure into a grid
zeroGrobThe zero grob draws nothing and has zero size.
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