height.scores: Genetic risk score for height.

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Risk score for height parameterised using GWAS meta-analysis results published by Lango Allen et al. (Nature 2010) as part of work by the GIANT consortium.




A data frame suitable for use with other functions in this package, see gtx.params.

The score is called HEIGHT2010, and has coefficients in height Z score units (i.e. phenotypic standard deviations) per coded allele. One phenotypic standard deviation for height is 0.06-0.07m in most samples analysed by Lango Allen et al.

Effect size estimates are taken from the “STAGE 2” results in Supplementary Table 1 of Lango Allen et al.


For the publication by Lango Allen et al. from which these data were extracted see http://dx.doi.org/10.1038/nature09410.

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