lipid.scores: Genetic risk scores for serum lipid levels

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Risk scores parameterised using GWAS meta-analysis results published by the Global Lipid Genetics Consortium (Teslovich et al. Nature 2010). There are scores for four different lipid level phenotypes (High Density Lipoprotein HDL; Low Density Lipoprotein LDL; Total Cholesterol TC; Triglycerides TG), all parameterised using genome wide significant SNPs reported in Supplementary Table 1 of Teslovich et al. (2010).




A data frame suitable for use with other functions in this package.

These scores are called HDL2010, LDL2010, TC2010 and TG2010, and have coefficients in mg/dl per coded allele.

Additional scores based on larger numbers of SNPs are available separately... LDL.prune.0.01 and there is an additional column in the data frame, p-value, that should be used to threshold on. The coefficients are back-calculates from Z scores and HapMap allele frequency data.


For the publication by Teslovich et al. from which these data were extracted see

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