Man pages for huxtable
Easily Create and Style Tables for LaTeX, HTML and Other Formats

add_colnamesAdd column or row names
add_footnoteAdd a row with a footnote
add_rowsInsert one huxtable into another
alignSet the horizontal alignment of cell content
as_flextableConvert a huxtable for Word/Powerpoint
as_huxtableConvert objects to huxtables
as_WorkbookConvert a huxtable for Excel
background_colorSet cell background color
boldMake cell text bold or italic
border-colorsSet border colors
bordersSet borders
border-stylesSet border styles
brdrCreate a border object
brdr_thicknessGet thickness of a 'brdr()' object
by_casesMap cell contents to properties using 'case_when'
by_colorspaceMap numeric cell contents smoothly to colors
by_functionMap cell contents to cell properties using a function or...
by_quantilesMap numeric quantiles to cell properties
by_rangesMap numeric ranges to cell properties
by_regexMap cells matching a string or regex to cell properties
by_rowsSet cell properties by row or column
by_valuesMap specific cell values to cell properties
captionSet the table caption
caption_posPosition the table's caption
caption_widthSet the width of the table caption
cbind.huxtableCombine rows or columns
column_to_headerConvert a column to header rows
col_widthSet the width of table columns
dplyr-verbsUse dplyr verbs with huxtable objects
escape_contentsEscape or unescape text in cells
extract-methodsSubset a huxtable
finalReturn the last n rows or columns
fmt_percentFormat numbers as percent
fmt_prettyUse 'prettyNum()' to format numbers
fontSet the font for cell text
font_sizeMake text larger or smaller
guess_knitr_output_formatGuess knitr output format
header_colsMark rows or columns as headers
heightSet the table height
hux_logoHuxtable logo
huxregCreate a huxtable to display model output
huxtableCreate a huxtable
huxtable-FAQFrequently Asked Questions, including how to get help
huxtable-newsChanges to the huxtable package
huxtable-optionsPackage options
huxtable-packageQuick introduction to huxtable
insert_columnInsert a row or column
jamsPrices of 3 jams data frames in knitr using huxtable
knit_print.huxtablePrint a huxtable within knitr
labelSet a table label for external referencing
latex_floatSet the position of the table float in LaTeX
mapping-functionsHow to set cell properties variably by cell contents
markdownInterpret cell content as markdown
merge_acrossMerge cells across rows or down columns
merge_cellsMerge a range of cells
merge_repeated_rowsMerge repeated rows into multirow cells
na_stringChange how NA values are printed
number_formatSet how numbers are formatted in cells
paddingSet padding
positionSet the table's position with respect to surrounding content
print.huxtableFormat and print huxtables using a default method
quick-outputQuickly print objects to a PDF, TeX, HTML, Microsoft Office...
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
report_latex_dependenciesManage LaTeX dependencies for huxtables
restack-across-downRestack huxtables across/down the page
rotationRotate text within cells
row_heightSet the height of table rows
rowspecsDifferent ways to select rows and columns
rtf_fc_tablesCreate RTF font and color tables
sanitizeEscape text for various formats
set_contentsSet cell contents
set_default_propertiesDefault huxtable properties
set_markdown_contentsSet cell contents, interpreting them as markdown
set-multipleSet left, right, top and bottom properties
set-outerSet borders and padding around a rectangle of cells
spansExtend cells over multiple rows and/or columns
split-across-downSplit a huxtable into multiple huxtables
stripeReturn every n row or column numbers
stripesSet background color stripes
style-functionsSet multiple properties on headers
subset-.brdrReplace a subset of a brdr object
table_environmentSet the "table" environment in LaTeX
tabular_environmentSet the table's tabular environment in LaTeX
text_colorSet the color of text in cells
themesTheme a huxtable
t.huxtableTranspose a huxtable
tidy_overrideChange a model's 'tidy' output
to_htmlCreate HTML representing a huxtable
to_latexCreate LaTeX representing a huxtable
to_mdCreate Markdown representing a huxtable
to_rtfCreate RTF representing a huxtable
to_screenPrint a huxtable on screen
valignSet the vertical alignment of cell content
widthSet the table width
wrapWrap cell content over multiple lines
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