Man pages for huxtable
Simply Create LaTeX and HTML Tables

add_colnamesAdd column or row names
add_footnoteAdd a row with a footnote
as_flextableConvert a huxtable for Word/Powerpoint
background_colorBackground color
boldCell text style
caption_posCaption position
cbind.huxtableCombine rows or columns
colspanColumn span
col_widthColumn widths
dplyr-verbsDplyr verbs for huxtable
escape_contentsEscape cell contents
everyReturn every n row or column numbers
extract-methodsSubset a huxtable
filterPointless documentation
finalReturn the last n rows or columns
font_sizeFont size
get_default_propertiesGet default huxtable properties
guess_knitr_output_formatGuess knitr output format
heightTable height
hux_logoHuxtable logo
huxregCreate a huxtable to display model output
huxtableCreate a huxtable
huxtable-packageHuxtable: simply create LaTeX and HTML tables
insert_columnInsert a row or column
is_a_numberDoes an object look like a number?
labelTable label
latex_floatFloat position for LaTeX
left_border_colorBorder colors
left_paddingCell padding
na_stringNA string
number_formatNumber format
pad_decimalDecimal padding
positionTable position
print.huxtableDefault print method for huxtables
quick-outputQuickly create a PDF, HTML or Word document showing matrices,...
report_latex_dependenciesReport LaTeX dependencies
rotationText rotation
row_heightRow heights
rowspanRow span
rowspecsRow and column specifications
sanitizeSanitize table elements
set_all_border_colorsSet all border colors
set_all_bordersSet all borders
set_cell_propertiesSet multiple cell properties
set_default_propertiesSet default huxtable properties
set_outer_bordersSet outer borders round a rectangle of cells
tabular_environmentTabular environment
text_colorText color
themesTheme a huxtable
t.huxtableTranspose a huxtable
to_htmlCreate HTML representing a huxtable
to_latexCreate LaTeX representing a huxtable
to_mdCreate Markdown representing a huxtable
to_screenPrint a huxtable on screen
valignVertical alignment
whereReturn array indices where expression is true
widthTable width
wrapText wrapping
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