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Changes to the huxtable package


This help page simply gives the contents of

huxtable 5.5.6

  • Bugfix: quarto cross-referencing was giving too many warnings.

huxtable 5.5.5

  • Bugfix: quarto cross-referencing doesn’t work for PDF with quarto version 1.4. See ?huxtable-FAQ for workarounds.

  • Bugfix: by_cases() wasn’t picking up variables from the caller environment.

  • huxtable 5.5.4 was never released due to failing a reverse dependency check.

huxtable 5.5.3

  • Bugfix: disable quarto styling on HTML tables. You can reenable quarto processing with options(huxtable.quarto_process = TRUE).

  • Bugfix: borders weren’t working with merged cells in Word documents.

huxtable 5.5.2

  • Update by_cases() to work with dplyr 1.1.0. Within by_cases() formulas, . is now vector rather than matrix when dplyr version 1.1.0 is detected. Thanks @DavisVaughan.

  • Add package checks in ⁠quick_*⁠ functions. Thanks @reuning.

huxtable 5.5.1

  • CSS borders are now set explicitly even if they are all set to 0.

  • Bugfix: shell-quote files in ⁠quick_*⁠ functions. Thanks to @ceresek.

  • Bugfix: cope with adjustbox version “1.3a” among latex dependencies.

huxtable 5.5.0

  • Huxtable should work with Quarto documents.

    • Quarto labels and captions will override huxtable-provided ones.

    • Quarto style references like ⁠@table-label⁠ only work with quarto labels.

    • Please report any bugs!

  • New column_to_header() function converts a column to header rows. New as_hux() method for grouped_df objects optionally converts groups to header rows.

  • New convenience functions stripe_rows() and stripe_columns().

  • Add format and ... options to fmt_percent() to allow flexible formatting via formatC().

  • add_footnote() gets an explicit number_format argument which is NA by default.

  • Bugfix: infinite loop with wide characters in to_screen().

  • Bugfix: duplicate colnames when exporting huxreg(..., error_pos = "right") to flextable.

  • Bugfix: bookdown-style references weren’t working in blogdown.

huxtable 5.4.0

  • New behaviour: setting colspan() or rowspan() overwrites the content of cells that have been shadowed.

    ht <- hux(c(1, 1), c(2, 2), c(3, 3))
    ht <- set_all_borders(ht)
    colspan(ht)[1, 1] <- 3
    # old behaviour                
    ht[, c(2, 1, 3)]
    ##   +--------------------------+
    ##   |                  2       |
    ##   +--------+--------+--------+
    ##   |      2 |      1 |      3 |
    ##   +--------+--------+--------+
    # new behaviour
    ht[, c(2, 1, 3)]
    ##   +--------------------------+
    ##   |                  1       |
    ##   +--------+--------+--------+
    ##   |      2 |      1 |      3 |
    ##   +--------+--------+--------+
  • New option huxtable.latex_siunitx_align allows you to use the LaTeX siunitx package to handle decimal point alignment. This is FALSE by default.

  • Bugfix: centre alignment was not working in print_screen().

  • Bugfix: failure in to_md() with recent versions of stringi package.

  • Bugfix: repeating a single row in a subset, like ht[c(1, 1, 2, 3), ], was setting colspan = 2 on the repeated row.

  • Bugfix: zero-argument subset replacement like ht[] <- ... wasn’t working.

huxtable 5.3.0

  • Improve decimal alignment in LaTeX when align(ht) == ".". This may change the appearance of some documents.

  • Allow tidy_override() to extend columns of tidy and glance.

  • Bugfix: #196 ^ was giving errors in LaTeX.

huxtable 5.2.0

  • Add table_environment property so you can use e.g. "table*" in TeX.

  • Bugfix: print_screen(h, colnames = FALSE) didn’t print a final newline.

  • Bugfix: italic from markdown was being printed as underlined in TeX.

  • Minor test update for compatibility with broom.

huxtable 5.1.1

  • Minor test update for compatibility with broom.

  • Fixes for R 4.1.0.

huxtable 5.1.0

  • as_flextable() now exports markdown in cells to RTF, and to Word with the help of the optional ftExtra package. Thanks @atusy for adding this feature.

  • Improvements to markdown screen export. This now uses the optional fansi package.

  • New feature: as_Workbook() gains start_row and start_col arguments, to write a huxtable into an Excel worksheet starting at a particular row or column.

  • New feature: huxreg() gains a glance_args argument to pass arguments to glance().

  • New feature: options(huxtable.long_minus = TRUE) will try to use long minus signs before numbers. The default is FALSE. It will probably become TRUE in a future version.

  • Bugfix: insert_row/column(..., after = 0) was unsetting table properties.

  • Bugfix: unicode characters above 32767 were incorrectly represented in RTF. Thanks @kaigu1990.

  • Bugfix: columns were being collapsed in as_Workbook().

  • Bugfix: style_cells didn’t work unless huxtable was on the search path.

  • Bugfix: merge_repeated_rows merged NA rows incorrectly.

  • Bugfix: number format was not set correctly in huxreg()’s note.

  • Bugfix: in huxreg(), tidy_args threw an error if the first argument to tidy() was a named list.

  • Bugfix: tidy_replace() was broken.

  • Clearer error messages for tidy_override() when extend = FALSE. In future, extend will probably default to TRUE.

Other news:

  • Huxtable received its first Patreon sponsor! Thanks to Ross Mattheis.

huxtable 5.0.0

Huxtable 5.0.0 brings numerous changes. For a more user-friendly introduction, see

Breaking changes

  • There are changes to LaTeX output.

    • LaTeX ⁠\tabcolsep⁠ is now set to 0 within huxtable tables, while left and right padding should now take effect even when wrap is FALSE.

    • The default LaTeX table environment is now “tabular” unless width is set. If width is set, it is “tabularx”.

    • wrap only matters if width is set. Otherwise, cell wrapping is off.

    • the ⁠\centerbox⁠ macro from the LaTeX “adjustbox” package is used to centre tables. This should improve centring when tables are too wide. You may need to update the LaTeX “adjustbox” package to a recent version. check_latex_dependencies() can inform you about this.

  • As previously signalled, add_colnames has now become TRUE by default in huxtable() and as_huxtable(). Set options(huxtable.add_colnames = FALSE) to go back to the old behaviour.

  • Newlines in cell contents are now respected (in LaTeX, so long as wrap = TRUE and width has been set).

  • Huxtable borders have been reworked, fixing some longstanding bugs and adding new features.

    • Borders are now automatically collapsed. For example:

      jams %>% 
          set_right_border(everywhere, 1, 1) %>% 
          set_left_border(everywhere, 2, 0.4)

      will set the border in between the columns of jams to 0.4, overwriting the previous value. This is more in line with what you would expect. For example, the following code now does what you probably want:

      jams %>% 
          set_rowspan(2, 1, 3) %>% 
          set_bottom_border(4, everywhere, 1)
      ##                 Type              Price  
      ##                 Strawberry         1.90  
      ##                                    2.10  
      ##                                    1.80  
      ##               ---------------------------

      instead of the old behaviour:

      jams %>% 
          set_rowspan(2, 1, 3) %>% 
          set_bottom_border(4, everywhere, 1)
      ##                 Type           Price  
      ##                 Strawberry      1.90  
      ##                                 2.10  
      ##                                 1.80  
      ##                            -----------
    • set_left_border(), set_all_borders() and friends all use a default value of 0.4. So to set a default border, write e.g.

      as_hux(head(iris)) %>% 
            set_bottom_border(1, everywhere)
    • A new brdr() class encapsulates border thickness, style and colour. You can set all properties at once by writing, e.g.:

      as_hux(jams) %>% 
            set_bottom_border(1, everywhere, brdr(1, "dotted", "darkgreen"))

      left_border(ht) and friends return a brdr object. To access the border thickness, write brdr_thickness(left_border(ht)).

  • Various deprecated items have been removed:

    • The 3-argument form of ⁠set_*⁠. Instead, use ⁠map_*⁠.

    • The byrow argument to ⁠set_*⁠. Instead, use ⁠map_*⁠ and by_cols().

    • error_style and pad_decimal arguments in huxreg. Use error_format and align(hx) <- ".".

    • The where(), is_a_number() and pad_decimal() functions. Use ⁠map_*⁠ functions, !, and align(ht) <- ".".

  • Default padding has been increased to 6 points.

  • By default, width() is now unset.

  • By default, wrap() is now TRUE.

  • every() has been renamed to stripe(), to avoid a clash with purrr::every(). everywhere, evens and odds are still the same.

  • The little-used ability to set copy_cell_props to a character vector in rbind.huxtable and cbind.huxtable has been removed. You can still set it to FALSE.

  • add_rows() and add_columns() now always call rbind.huxtable() or cbind.huxtable() and return a huxtable.

  • Huxtable no longer supports dplyr versions less than 0.7.0 (released mid-2017).

  • set_cell_properties() has been renamed style_cells(). It is retained as a soft-deprecated alias.

  • Various themes have been tweaked:

    • theme_basic() now has bold headers and no header column by default.

    • theme_plain() defaults to position = "centre".

    • theme_striped() uses grey stripes, a white border, and subtler headers.

    • theme_article() has thinner borders.

Other changes

  • You can now use markdown within table cells.

    • Use set_markdown(ht, rows, cols) to turn this on.

    • Or use the convenience function set_markdown_contents() to set cell contents that will be interpreted as markdown.

    • Markdown works for HTML and LaTeX. There’s basic support for on-screen display.

  • Huxtable now has the concept of header row and columns.

    • By default, data frame column names will be headers.

    • To set other rows to be headers, use set_header_rows(ht, row_numbers, TRUE). For columns, use header_cols() or set_header_cols().

    • New functions style_headers(), style_header_cols(), and style_header_rows() to set multiple properties on headers.

    • In themes, header_row/col = TRUE set the first row/col to a header, and style all header rows/cols.

  • set_bold() and set_italic() now use a default value of TRUE. So you can write e.g.

    as_hux(head(iris)) %>% 
          set_bold(1, everywhere)
  • Console output in R now shows table position and caption position.

  • By default, huxtable now sets labels from the current knitr chunk label, if there is one. This is consistent with kable(). In bookdown, you can then do e.g.

    Some iris species are shown in \@ref(tab:mytable):

    Set options(huxtable.autolabel = FALSE) to turn off this behaviour.

  • The one-argument form of [ now works for huxtables just as it does for data frames. For example, ht[2:3] selects columns 2 and 3.

  • New functions fmt_percent() and fmt_pretty() for passing into number_format():

    jams$Sugar <-c ("Sugar content", 0.4, 0.35, 0.45)
    set_number_format(jams, -1, "Sugar", fmt_percent(1))
  • split_across() and split_down() split a huxtable into a list of sub-tables. Headers can be automatically included.

  • restack_across() and restack_down() split a huxtable, then join it back up. This is useful for making a table fit on a page.

  • merge_across() and merge_down() merge an area of cells horizontally across rows, or vertically down columns.

  • New functions ⁠set_lr_borders()/_border_colors()/_border_styles()/_padding()⁠ set left and right borders and padding simultaneously. New functions set_tb_borders() etc. set top and bottom properties simultaneously. There are map_ equivalents of all of these.

  • set_outer_padding() sets padding around a range of cells, similarly to set_outer_borders().

  • A new table-level property, caption_width(), allows you to set the width of the caption. The default, NA, sets the width equal to the table width.

  • There are two new themes: theme_compact() and theme_bright().

  • For huxreg(), a new function tidy_replace() allows you to replace the output of tidy(x) entirely.

  • huxtable now only sets options(huxtable.knit_print_df = TRUE) if it is attached, not if it is loaded.

  • huxtable supports dplyr::relocate(), new in dplyr 1.0.0.

  • Improvements to as_flextable().

  • Improvements to quick_pptx() (thanks @davidgohel).

  • Bugfixes for options(huxtable.use_fontspec = TRUE).

  • Bugfix: add_rownames = "string" now works as promised.

  • Bugfix: non-ASCII characters are now supported in RTF.

Other news

  • New versions of the gtsummary package will have an as_huxtable() method.

  • Package texreg on CRAN includes a huxtablereg() function for creating a table of regression outputs.

huxtable 4.7.1

  • The expss package now supports export to huxtables.

  • by_quantiles(), by_equal_groups() and by_colorspace() have gained a colwise argument, which calculates quantiles or colors separately for each column.

  • Add caption support for as_flextable() (thanks @sjewo).

huxtable 4.7.0

  • Better error messages.

  • New merge_repeated_rows() function: merge repeated rows into a single cell.

  • New fill and colspan/rowspan arguments for insert_row()/insert_column():

    • insert_row(ht, "blah", "", "", "", "", ...) can be written insert_row(ht, "blah", fill = "").

    • colspan/rowspan set colspan/rowspan of the first cell in the inserted row/column.

huxtable 4.6.1

  • Bugfix: right borders in wrong place when cells were merged.

  • Bugfix: chinese characters were displaying wrongly in to_screen().

huxtable 4.6.0

  • Set options('huxtable.latex_use_fontspec') to TRUE to use portable font names in TeX documents, with the LaTeX “fontspec” package.

  • Bugfix: attributes were being copied wrongly in subset assignment of huxtables.

  • Bugfix: text colors in hux_logo().

  • Bugfix: rbind of huxtable and matrix wasn’t setting row_height correctly.

huxtable 4.5.0

  • Add quick_latex() function.

  • The texreg package now includes a huxtablereg function, analogous to huxreg, which outputs a huxtable from a list of regressions. This will be available from the next version of texreg.

huxtable 4.4.0

  • Huxtables can now be printed directly in Word documents and Powerpoint presentations, thanks to the flextable package and recent versions of Pandoc. (Powerpoint printing requires Pandoc >= 2.4.0.)

  • New “wrapleft” and “wrapright” options to position() allow text wrapping around tables.

  • New set_outer_border_colors() and set_outer_border_styles() functions, like set_outer_borders().

  • Huxtable no longer requires the broom package, instead using the generics package. If you use huxreg(), you will still need e.g. broom or broom.mixed to provide tidy() and glance() methods for specific models.

  • Bugfix: tidy.tidy_override() and glance.tidy_override() should work even if underlying object has no tidy() or glance() method.

  • Bugfix: huxtables had option clash when echo = TRUE in Rmd pdf_document format.

  • Bugfix: caption() and height() weren’t playing nicely.

  • Bugfix: mutate(..., copy_cell_props = FALSE) was adding a column named copy_cell_props.

  • Bugfix: check_latex_dependencies and install_latex_dependencies gave misleading errors.

  • Enhancement: when stars is NULL in huxreg, don’t print a note by default.

  • Enhancement: use tinytex when available, allowing autoinstallation of latex packages.

huxtable 4.3.0

  • More work on TeX. Tables should now compile when raw_attributes is not set.

  • New map_xxx functions to set properties variably by cell values.

  • Functions for mapping properties variably: by_rows, by_values, by_ranges, by_quantiles etc.

  • Correct bookdown labels are now automatically created.

  • New grey, blue, green and orange themes.

  • New “themes” vignette.

  • New tidy_override function to override p values etc. in huxreg.

  • New set_contents function to change huxtable contents within dplyr pipes.

  • Enhancement: left- and right-aligned captions are now set above the table in LaTeX, using the “threeparttable” package. You will need to install this using e.g. install_latex_dependencies() or tlmgr if it is not already on your system.

  • Enhancement: in huxtable() and friends, add_rownames = "Colname" now sets the name for the new column.

  • Improvements to the vignettes and help files.

  • Bugfix: to_md could hang with bold/italic cells.


  • The 3 argument form of set_xxx functions is deprecated, as is the where function. Use map_xxx instead.

  • Argument byrow is soft-deprecated. Use by_cols() instead.

huxtable 4.2.1

  • Bugfix: wrap=TRUE caused squeezed text in RTF.


  • TeX code was getting escaped by pandoc. To avoid this, if possible, huxtable now adds fenced code blocks round latex tables (see You must add

    md_extensions: +raw_attribute

    to your YAML header for this to work, and you will need a recent (> 2.0.0) version of Pandoc.

huxtable 4.2.0

  • More speedups: LaTeX 2-3x faster, as_Workbook 2-3x faster.

  • Simplify LaTeX output using our own LaTeX commands.

  • RTF support: new print_rtf, to_rtf and quick_rtf functions.

  • New border_style properties to set “solid”, “double”, “dotted” or “dashed” borders. (At present, LaTeX only allows “solid” or “double”.)

  • New merge_cells function, an alternative interface to colspan and rowspan.

  • New quick_pptx function to print data frames and huxtables into Powerpoint.

  • New install_latex_dependencies and check_latex_dependencies utility functions.

  • add_rows and add_columns now accept data frames as arguments.

  • New theme_mondrian theme :-D

  • Enhancement: print_md now handles bold and italic cells.

  • Enhancement: quick_pdf has new width and height options to change paper size.

  • Use CSS writing-mode where possible for text rotation. Note that this may break on non-LTR languages. If this affects you, please file an issue.

  • Bugfix: LaTeX didn’t compile when height and caption were both set.

  • Bugfix: print_screen and print_md would hang with a wide huxtable.

  • Tweaks to documentation.

huxtable 4.1.0

  • dplyr, knitr, rmarkdown and some other packages have moved to “Suggests:”, lowering the dependency load considerably. All the functionality is still present. huxtable gives an informative warning if a needed package is not installed.

  • Code rewrites for better performance and maintainability: HTML is up to 10x faster, LaTeX is up to 4x faster.

  • Documentation improvements.

  • New tribble_hux function wrapping tibble::tribble() for readable data input.

  • New add_rows and add_columns functions to insert one or more rows into the middle of a huxtable.

  • New option “huxtable.knitr_output_format” to override the default output format in knitr documents.

  • Numeric row heights and column widths are rescaled to 1 when huxtables are cbinded/rbinded.

  • LaTeX: at points where borders cross, priority is given to the horizontal border color.

  • Bugfix: property accessors had the wrong environment. Thanks to Iñaki Úcar.

  • Bugfix: row heights and column widths weren’t being copied with cbind/rbind.

  • Bugfixes for 0-row or 0-column huxtables:

    • Output works, usually with a warning.

    • cbind and rbind work.

  • Bugfix: HTML cols were printed with ‘width: NA’.

  • Bugfix: width, col_width etc. can be reset to a number after setting them to a string.

    • The (undocumented) ability to mix numeric and non-numeric values for padding and/border widths has been removed. If you want a number, set a number and not a string.

  • Bugfix: HTML tables with position “right” weren’t right-aligned.

  • Nicer error messages when rbinding objects with different numbers of rows.

  • Vignette improvements.

  • is_a_number is deprecated.

  • … and a cool new randomized hux_logo() ;-)

huxtable 4.0.1

  • Improved formatting in Excel output.

  • New format method which returns the result of to_html, to_latex etc. as appropriate.

  • Bugfix: to_html printing e.g. “left-border: NA;” in cell CSS.

  • Bugfix: ⁠set_all_*⁠ not working when huxtable is not attached.

  • Bugfix: as_Workbook failing with non-numeric width.

  • Bugfix: hux_logo was using multiple fonts, fails with Excel output.

  • Bugfix: as_flextable borders not working in cells with colspan > 1.

  • Documentation bugfixes.

  • Compatibility with broom 5.0.0 - thanks @alexpghayes

huxtable 4.0.0

  • New theme_plain theme.

  • The default value for add_colnames is going to become TRUE. At present it remains FALSE. Set options("huxtable.add_colnames") to TRUE or FALSE to set the default and avoid warnings in future.

  • ⁠quick_*⁠ functions now automatically open documents if used interactively. Use open = FALSE to avoid.

  • Tweak top and bottom margins for HTML tables.

  • pad_decimal is deprecated in favour of align(ht) <- ".".

  • huxreg continues with a warning if statistics are unavailable for some models.

Breaking changes

  • huxtable now provides methods. This means that bare data frames will be pretty-printed via huxtable if the package is loaded.

    • Set options("huxtable.knit_print_df") to FALSE if you don’t want this.

    • By default data frames are printed using the theme_plain theme. Set options(“huxtable.knit_print_df_theme”) to a different one-argument function if you want to use a different theme.

  • The new autoformat argument lets huxtable() and as_huxtable() automatically choose alignment and number format based on column type. Set options("huxtable.autoformat") to FALSE to turn off this feature by default.

  • The default value of number_format has changed from “%5.3g” to “%.3g”, which no longer space-pads numbers.

  • as_flextable now does not print column names in the header. This matches the standard huxtable behaviour whereby headers are “just another row/column”. To get the old behaviour, use colnames_to_header = TRUE.


  • Bugfix: Date and datetime columns were converted to numbers by add_colnames.

  • LaTeX bugfix: background colors were printing an extra space.

  • huxreg was never using built-in confidence intervals.

  • Screen bugfixes:

    • set max_width to screen width (thanks @jacob-long)

    • misaligned decimal points

  • Various bugfixes for number_format, huxreg, as_hux.table, as_flextable.

huxtable 3.0.0

  • Output to Excel workbooks using the openxlsx package.

  • New quick_xlsx function.

  • dplyr select helpers now work inside ⁠set_*⁠ column specifications: e.g. set_bold(ht, 1:3, matches(“ab”), TRUE)

  • Column names can now be used for the after argument to insert_column.

  • ⁠quick_*⁠ functions: when the file argument is not explicitly specified, confirm overwrites manually, or fail if called non-interactively.

  • Add pointless quote marks in Description and Title… I don’t make the rules.

  • Don’t apply number_format to negative exponents (e.g. 1.12e-3).

  • New tidy_args argument to huxreg allows per-model customization of the call to tidy.

Breaking changes

  • quick_xxx functions without an explicit file argument throw an error if called non-interactively, and prompt before overwriting files if called interactively.

huxtable 2.0.2

  • Don’t apply number_format to exponents in scientific notation.

  • Turn off some tests on CRAN, as they fail there but not elsewhere.

huxtable 2.0.1

  • Fix quick_pdf error when moving output across filesystems.

huxtable 2.0.0

  • New quick_html, quick_pdf and quick_docx functions to print table-like objects to a new document.

  • to_screen only shows colnames if there are any non-zero-length column names.

Breaking changes

  • number_format now applies to any number-like substrings in cells. This means you can include e.g. significance stars in a cell and still use number_format to format the content.

  • If number_format is NA, numbers are unchanged.

  • Default value of number_format has changed from “%5.2f” to “%5.3g”, which plays nicer with integers but may surprise you by using scientific format for large numbers.

huxtable 1.2.0

  • New outer_borders argument for huxreg. This changes default behaviour slightly.

  • New border argument for add_footnote to choose width of footnote’s top border.

  • Added guard assertions to many exported functions.

  • Bugfix: captions and colnames are wrapped in to_screen to respect max_width.

huxtable 1.1.0

  • No more ugly autocreated column names.

  • Allow huxtable to have invalid or empty column names in general.

  • LaTeX should now be much faster on large tables.

  • set_outer_borders now accepts the same row/column arguments as other set_ functions.

  • Better handling in LaTeX of horizontal borders which don’t cross the entire table. (But not varying positive border widths….)

  • Bugfix: flextable didn’t like huxreg’s syntactically invalid column names.

  • Accept, but silently change, English spelling of ‘centre’ in align, position and caption_pos.

huxtable 1.0.0

  • LaTeX implements different thicknesses for vertical and horizontal borders (but only one horizontal thickness per row).

  • LaTeX border colors now collapse nicely: set colors override unset ones.

  • React gracefully to lack of p values in huxreg.

  • New set_outer_borders function to set borders round a rectangle of cells.

  • to_screen and to_md now respect wrap and col_widths properties.

  • Screen and markdown wrap respect word boundaries.

  • to_screen and to_md gain a min_width argument; to_md gains a logical header argument; to_screen gains a compact argument replacing blank = NULL.

  • On screen colour and bold support, if the crayon package is installed. New huxtable.color_screen option.

  • Move from ReporteRs to officer and flextable. No more RJava horror.

  • New error_format argument to huxreg for flexible control over uncertainty estimates.

  • Infrastructure improvements: slightly less ugly code in screen.R and LaTeX.R.

Breaking changes

  • Removed options collapse, borders, blank and colname_color from to_screen/print_screen.

  • as_FlexTable is deprecated and calls as_flextable with a warning. header_rows and footer_rows arguments are ignored. If you need this feature, tell me.

  • HTML border sizes are now set in points, not pixels.

  • In huxreg:

    • ci_level is NULL by default. Set it to a number to calculate confidence intervals.

    • error_style is deprecated with a warning in favour of error_format.

    • Use {stars} not ⁠%stars%⁠ to display significance levels in the note argument.

    • borders becomes a number specifying border width. Set to 0 for no borders.

huxtable 0.3.1

  • New convenience functions insert_row and insert_column.

  • latex_float property allows you to change positioning in LaTeX.

  • (Semantic versioning fail: this should have been 0.4.0.)

huxtable 0.3.0

  • New borders argument for huxreg, gives borders in sensible places.

  • Allow more flexible caption positioning with caption_pos.

  • New set_default_properties function to set default properties for new huxtables.

  • Fix compatibility with dplyr 0.6.0.

huxtable 0.2.2

  • Fix a bug that could lead to wrong significance stars in huxreg.

huxtable 0.2.1

  • Compatibility with dplyr 0.6.0.

  • Use ~ for decimal padding in LaTeX.

huxtable 0.2.0

  • New huxreg function to convert a list of models to a huxtable.

  • New set_* interface allowing column ranges, expressions a la subset, and filling in values by row.

  • Replacement methods ⁠$<-⁠, ⁠[<-⁠ and ⁠[[<-⁠ now work better.

  • New function set_cell_properties to set multiple properties on cells.

  • evens, odds, everywhere, every(n, from), final(n), where(cond): convenience functions to select rows, columns and cells.

  • Export to Word/Powerpoint via ReporteRs.

  • Huxtable now supports dplyr verbs like filter and select.

  • Exported function guess_knitr_output_format.

  • Ability to set border colors.

  • Prevent overlapping row/colspans.

  • Expanded introduction and new vignette for huxreg.

  • Numerous bugs have been fixed and replaced with new, more advanced bugs.

Breaking changes

  • theme_minimal has been renamed theme_basic to avoid a name clash with ggplot2.

huxtable 0.1.0

  • Added a file to track changes to the package.

  • First CRAN release.

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