by_regex: Map cells matching a string or regex to cell properties

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Map cells matching a string or regex to cell properties


by_regex() sets properties on cells which match a regular expression.


by_regex(..., .grepl_args = list(), ignore_na = TRUE)



A list of name-value pairs. The names are regular expressions. If there is a single unnamed argument, this is the default value for unmatched cells. More than one unnamed argument is an error.


A list of arguments to pass to grepl(). Useful options include fixed, perl and


If TRUE, NA values in the result will be left unchanged from their previous values. Otherwise, NA normally resets to the default.


A function for use in map_*** functions.

See Also


Other mapping functions: by_cases(), by_colorspace(), by_function(), by_quantiles(), by_ranges(), by_rows(), by_values()


ht <- hux(c("The cat sat", "on the", "mat"))

map_bold(ht, by_regex("at" = TRUE))
map_bold(ht, by_regex("a.*a" = TRUE))

map_bold(ht, by_regex(
        "the" = TRUE,
        .grepl_args = list(

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