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inbreedR contains the following functions:

g2_microsats g2_snps convert_raw check_data r2_hf r2_Wf HHC sMLH MLH simulate_g2 simulate_r2_hf plot.inbreed print.inbreed


A correlation between heterozygosity (h) and fitness (W) requires a simultaneous effect of inbreeding level (f) on both of them. A heterozygosity-fitness correlation (HFC) thus is the product of two correlations, which can be summarized in the following equation:

r(W, h) = r(W, f)r(h, f)

Estimating these parameters and their sensitivity towards the number and type of genetic markers used is the central framework of the inbreedR package. At the heart of measuring inbreeding based on genetic markers is the g2 statistic, which estimates the correlation of heterozygosity across markers, called identity disequilibrium (ID). ID is a proxy for inbreeding.

The package has three main goals:

For a short introduction to inbreedR start with the vignette: browseVignettes(package = "inbreedR")


Martin Stoffel (, Mareike Esser (


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