Man pages for inlabru
Spatial Inference using Integrated Nested Laplace Approximation

bincount1D LGCP bin count simulation and comparison with data
bruConvenient model fitting using (iterated) INLA
bru.componentsbru components
bru.optionsAdditional bru options
cprodCross product of integration points
deltaICSummarise DIC and WAIC from 'lgcp' objects.
devel.cvmeasureVariance and correlations measures for prediction components
generateGenerate samples from fitted bru and inla models
generate.bruSampling based on bru posteriors
generate.inlaSampling based on bru posteriors
ggggplot2 geomes for inlabru related objects for data.frame
gg.inla.meshGeom for inla.mesh objects
gg.inla.mesh.1dGeom for inla.mesh.1d objects
gg.matrixGeom for matrix
gg.predictionGeom for predictions
gg.RasterLayerGeom for RasterLayer objects
gg.SpatialGridDataFrameGeom for SpatialGridDataFrame objects
gg.SpatialLinesGeom for SpatialLines objects
gg.SpatialPixelsGeom for SpatialPixels objects
gg.SpatialPixelsDataFrameGeom for SpatialPixelsDataFrame objects
gg.SpatialPointsGeom for SpatialPoints objects
gg.SpatialPolygonsGeom for SpatialPolygons objects
globePlot a globe using rgl
glplotRender Spatial* and inla.mesh objects using RGL
glplot.inla.meshVisualize SpatialPoints using RGL
glplot.SpatialLinesVisualize SpatialLines using RGL
glplot.SpatialPointsVisualize SpatialPoints using RGL
gmggplot geom for spatial data
gmapPlot a map using extend of a spatial object
gorillasGorilla Nesting Sites.
import.gorillasGorilla data import
import.mexdolphinMexdolphin data import
import.mrseaMRSea data import
import.sealsSeal pup edata import
init.tutorialGlobal setting for tutorial sessions
intWeighted summation (integration) of data frame subsets
integration_weight_constructionSafe(?) way to construct integration weights for mesh/polygon...
intersection_meshConstruct the intersection mesh of a mesh and a polygon
int.polygonIntegration points for polygons inside an inla.mesh
ipointsGenerate integration points
is.insideQuery if a point is inside the mesh boundary
lgcpLog Gaussian Cox process (LGCP) inference using INLA
likeLikelihood construction for usage with bru
make_stable_integration_pointsBasic robust integration weights for mesh/polygon...
materncov.bandsMatern correlation or covariance function approximate...
mexdolphinPan-tropical spotted dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico.
mrseaMarine renewables strategic environmental assessment
multiplotMultiple ggplots on a page.
pixelsGenerate 'SpatialPixels' covering an 'inla.mesh'
plot.bruPlot method for posterior marginals estimated by bru
plot.predictionPlot prediction using ggplot2
plotsampleCreate a plot sample.
point2countConvert a plot sample of points into one of counts.
Poisson1_1D1-Dimensional Homogeneous Poisson example.
Poisson2_1D1-Dimensional NonHomogeneous Poisson example.
Poisson3_1D1-Dimensional NonHomogeneous Poisson example.
predict.bruPrediction from fitted bru model
predict.inlaPrediction from fitted inla model
refine.inla.meshRefine an inla.mesh object
sample.lgcpSample from an inhomogeneous Poisson process
sealsSeal pups
slineConvert data frame to SpatialLinesDataFrame SpatialPoints and boundary polygon to spatstat ppp...
spde.posteriorPosteriors of SPDE hyper parameters and Matern correlation or...
split_linesSplit lines at mesh edges
spolyConvert a data.frame of boundary points into a...
stransformCoordinate transformation for spatial objects
summary.bruSummary for a bru fit
toygroupsSimulated 1D animal group locations and group sizes
tsplit.inla.meshSplit triangles of a mesh into four triangles
vertices.inla.meshExtract vertex locations from an 'inla.mesh'
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