Man pages for kableExtra
Construct Complex Table with 'kable' and Pipe Syntax

add_footnoteAdd footnote
add_header_aboveAdd a header row on top of current header
add_indentAdd indentations to row headers
as_imageRender the table as an format-independent image and use it in...
auto_indexAutomatically figuring out the group_row index
cell_specSpecify Cell/Text format
collapse_rowsCollapse repeated rows to multirow cell
column_specSpecify the look of the selected column
footnoteAdd footnote (new)
footnote_marker_numberFootnote marker
group_rowsPut a few rows of a table into one category
html_dependency_bsTableHTML dependency for Twitter bootstrap (table only)
html_dependency_kePrintHTML dependency for js script to enable bootstrap tooltip and...
kable_as_xmlRead HTML kable as XML
kableExtra_latex_packagesLaTeX Packages
kable_stylingHTML table attributes
landscapePrint the table on an isolated landscape page in PDF
linebreakMake linebreak in LaTeX Table cells
magic_mirrorMagic mirror that returns kable's attributes
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
rmd_formatRmarkdown Format
row_specSpecify the look of the selected row
save_kableSave kable to files
scroll_boxPut a HTML table into a scrollable box
spec_angleGenerate rotation angle for continuous values
spec_colorGenerate viridis Color code for continuous values
spec_font_sizeGenerate common font size for continuous values
spec_popoverSetup bootstrap popover
spec_tooltipSetup bootstrap tooltip
usepackage_latexLoad a LaTeX package
xml_as_kableConvert XML back to kable
xtable2kableConvert xtable to a kable object
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