create_layer_wrapper: Create a Keras Layer wrapper

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Create a Keras Layer wrapper


create_layer_wrapper(LayerClass, modifiers = NULL, convert = TRUE)



A R6 or Python class generator that inherits from keras$layers$Layer


A named list of functions to modify to user-supplied arguments before they are passed on to the class constructor. (e.g., list(units = as.integer))


Boolean, whether the Python class and its methods should by default convert python objects to R objects.

See guide 'making_new_layers_and_models_via_subclassing.Rmd' for example usage.


An R function that behaves similarly to the builtin keras layer_* functions. When called, it will create the class instance, and also optionally call it on a supplied argument object if it is present. This enables keras layers to compose nicely with the pipe (%>%).

The R function will arguments taken from the initialize (or __init__) method of the LayerClass.

If LayerClass is an R6 object, this will avoid initializing the python session, so it is safe to use in an R package.

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