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Linguistic Fuzzy Logic

aggregateConsequentsAggregation of fired consequents into a resulting fuzzy set
algebraAlgebra for Fuzzy Sets
algebraNAModify algebra's way of computing with 'NA' values.
antecedentsExtract antecedent-part (left-hand side) of rules in a list the instance of the 'farules()' S3 class into a data... an object of 'fsets' class into a matrix or data...
cbind.fsetsCombine several 'fsets' objects into a single one
c.farulesTake a sequence of instances of S3 class 'farules()' and...
composeComposition of Fuzzy Relations
consequentsExtract consequent-part (right-hand side) of rules in a list
ctxContext for linguistic expressions
defaultHedgeParamsA list of the parameters that define the shape of the hedges.
defuzzConvert fuzzy set into a crisp numeric value
evalfrbeEvaluate the performance of the FRBE forecast
farulesCreate an instance of S3 class 'farules' which represents a...
fcutTransform data into a 'fsets' S3 class using shapes derived...
fireEvaluate rules and obtain truth-degrees
frbeFuzzy Rule-Based Ensemble (FRBE) of time-series forecasts
fsetsS3 class representing a set of fuzzy sets on the fixed...
hedgeLinguistic hedges
horizonCreate a function that computes linguistic horizons
is.farulesTest whether 'x' inherits from the S3 'farules' class.
is.frbeTest whether 'x' is a valid object of the S3 'frbe' class
is.fsetsTest whether 'x' is a valid object of the S3 'fsets' class
is.specificDetermine whether the first set 'x' of predicates is more...
lcutTransform data into a 'fsets' S3 class of linguistic fuzzy...
lfllfl - Linguistic Fuzzy Logic
lingexprCreator of functions representing linguistic expressions
maseCompute Mean Absolute Scaled Error (MASE)
minmaxCreating linguistic context directly from values
multCallback-based Multiplication of Matrices
pbldPerform a Perception-based Logical Deduction (PbLD) with...
perceiveFrom a set of rules, remove each rule for which another rule...
plot.fsetsPlot membership degrees stored in the instance of the S3...
print.algebraPrint an instance of the 'algebra()' S3 class in a human...
print.ctxPrint the linguistic context
print.farulesPrint an instance of the 'farules()' S3 class in a human...
print.frbePrint an instance of the 'frbe()' class
print.fsetsPrint an instance of the 'fsets()' class
quantifierA quantifier is a function that computes a fuzzy truth value...
rbcoverageCompute rule base coverage of data
reduceReduce the size of rule base
rmseCompute Root Mean Squared Error (RMSE)
searchrulesSearching for fuzzy association rules
slicesReturn vector of values from given interval
smapeCompute Symmetric Mean Absolute Percentage Error (SMAPE)
sugenoA factory function for creation of sugeno-integrals.
triangleDeprecated functions to compute membership degrees of numeric...
triangularFactories for functions that convert numeric data into...
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