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Complete matrices relative to one another and sort into same row, column order


Completes each matrix relative to each other, thereby assuring that both matrices have same row and column names. Missing rows and columns (relative to the other matrix) are filled with fill. Thereafter, rows and columns of the matrices are sorted such that they are in the same order (by name). To complete rows of m1 relative to columns of m2, set the m2 argument to transpose_byname(m2).


  fill = 0,
  margin = c(1, 2),
  roworder = NA,
  colorder = NA



The first matrix


The second (optional) matrix.


rows and columns added to a and b will contain the value fill. (a double)


Specifies the dimension(s) of a and b over which completing and sorting will occur


Specifies a custom ordering for rows of returned matrices. Unspecified rows are dropped.


Specifies a custom ordering for columns of returned matrices. Unspecified columns are dropped.


margin has nearly the same semantic meaning as in apply. For rows only, give 1; for columns only, give 2; for both rows and columns, give c(1,2), the default value.

If only m1 is specified, rows of m1 are completed and sorted relative to columns of m1. If neither m1 nor m2 have dimnames, m1 and m2 are returned unmodified. If only one of m1 or m2 has dimnames, an error is thrown.


A named list containing completed and sorted versions of a and b.


m1 <- matrix(c(1:6), nrow=3, dimnames = list(c("r1", "r2", "r3"), c("c2", "c1")))
m2 <- matrix(c(7:12), ncol=3, dimnames = list(c("r3", "r4"), c("c2", "c3", "c4")))
complete_and_sort(m1, m2)
complete_and_sort(m1, m2, roworder = c("r3", "r2", "r1"))
complete_and_sort(m1, m2, colorder = c("c4", "c3")) # Drops un-specified columns
complete_and_sort(m1, m2, margin = 1)
complete_and_sort(m1, m2, margin = 2)
complete_and_sort(m1, t(m2))
complete_and_sort(m1, t(m2), margin = 1)
complete_and_sort(m1, t(m2), margin = 2)
v <- matrix(1:6, ncol=2, dimnames=list(c("r3", "r1", "r2"), c("c2", "c1")))
complete_and_sort(v, v)
# Also works with lists
complete_and_sort(list(m1,m1), list(m2,m2))

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