identize_byname: Named identity matrix or vector

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Named identity matrix or vector


Creates an identity matrix (I) or vector (i) of same size and with same names and same row and column types as a.


identize_byname(a, margin = c(1, 2))



the matrix whose names and dimensions are to be preserved in an identity matrix or vector


determines whether an identity vector or matrix is returned. See details.


Behaviour for different values of margin are as follows:

  • If margin = 1, makes a column matrix filled with 1s. Row names and type are taken from row names and type of a. Column name and type are same as column type of a.

  • If margin = 2, make a row matrix filled with 1s. Column names and type are taken from column name and type of a. Row name and type are same as row type of a.

  • If list(c(1,2)) (the default), make an identity matrix with 1s on the diagonal. Row and column names are sorted on output.


An identity matrix or vector.


M <- matrix(1:16, ncol = 4, dimnames=list(c(paste0("i", 1:4)), paste0("c", 1:4))) %>%
  setrowtype("Industries") %>% setcoltype("Commodities")
identize_byname(M, margin = c(1,2))
identize_byname(M, margin = 1)
identize_byname(M, margin = 2)
N <- matrix(c(-21, -12, -21, -10), ncol = 2, dimnames = list(c("b", "a"), c("b", "a"))) %>%
  setrowtype("Industries") %>% setcoltype("Commodities")
# This also works with lists
identize_byname(list(M, M))

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