hadamardproduct_byname: Name-wise matrix Hadamard multiplication

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Name-wise matrix Hadamard multiplication


Performs a union and sorting of names of rows and columns for both multiplicand and multiplier for each sequential multiplication step. Zeroes are inserted for missing matrix elements. Doing so ensures that the dimensions of the multiplicand and multiplier are be conformable for each sequential multiplication.


hadamardproduct_byname(..., .summarise = FALSE)



Operands; constants, matrices, or lists of matrices.


When TRUE, operands are multiplied down lists. When FALSE (the default), items multiplied across lists.


The Hadamard product is also known as the entrywise product.


Name-wise element product of operands.


hadamardproduct_byname(2, 2)
commoditynames <- c("c1", "c2")
industrynames <- c("i1", "i2")
U <- matrix(1:4, ncol = 2, dimnames = list(commoditynames, industrynames)) %>%
  setrowtype("Commodities") %>% setcoltype("Industries")
G <- matrix(1:4, ncol = 2, dimnames = list(rev(commoditynames), rev(industrynames))) %>%
  setrowtype("Commodities") %>% setcoltype("Industries")
U * G # Not what is desired, because names aren't aligned
hadamardproduct_byname(U, G)
hadamardproduct_byname(U, G, G)
hadamardproduct_byname(U, 0)
hadamardproduct_byname(0, G)
# This also works with lists
hadamardproduct_byname(list(U, U), list(G, G))
DF <- data.frame(U = I(list()), G = I(list()))
DF[[1,"U"]] <- U
DF[[2,"U"]] <- U
DF[[1,"G"]] <- G
DF[[2,"G"]] <- G
hadamardproduct_byname(DF$U, DF$G)
DF %>% mutate(entrywiseprods = hadamardproduct_byname(U, G))
# Also works down lists with `.summarise = TRUE`.
hadamardproduct_byname(list(U, G), .summarise = TRUE)

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