create_colvec_byname: Create column vectors from data

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Create column vectors from data


This function takes data in the .dat and creates column vectors.


create_colvec_byname(.dat, dimnames = NA, colname = NA)



Data to be converted to column vectors.


The dimension names to be used for creating the column vector, in a list format, or as a data frame column containing a list of the dimension names to be used for each observation.


The name of the column of the colvector.


The row and column names in the resulting column vector are taken from the names of .dat and colname. If set, dimnames overrides the names of .dat and colname.

This function is a "byname" function that can accept a single number, a vector, a list, or a data frame in .dat.

Row types and column types are taken from the row type and column type attributes of .dat.


A column vector, a list of column vectors, or a data frame column of column vectors, depending on the value of .dat.


# Works with single numbers
create_colvec_byname(c(r1 = 1) %>% setrowtype("rt") %>% setcoltype("ct"), 
                     colname = "r1")
# Works with vectors
create_colvec_byname(c(r1 = 1, r2 = 2), colname = "c1")
# Works with a list
create_colvec_byname(list(c(r1 = 1, r2 = 2), c(R1 = 3, R2 = 4, R3 = 5)), 
                     colname = list("c1", "C1"))
# Works in a tibble, too.
# (Must be a tibble, not a data frame, so that names are preserved.)
dat <- list(c(r1 = 1, r2 = 2),
            c(R1 = 2, R2 = 3), 
            c(r1 = 1, r2 = 2, r3 = 3, r4 = 4, r5 = 5, r6 = 6))
cnms <- list("c1", "C1", "c1")
df1 <- tibble::tibble(dat, cnms)
df1 <- df1 %>%
    colvec_col = create_colvec_byname(dat, colname = cnms)

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