equal_byname: Compare two matrices "by name" for equality

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equal_bynameR Documentation

Compare two matrices "by name" for equality


If operands are matrices, they are completed and sorted relative to one another prior to comparison.


equal_byname(..., .summarise = FALSE)



Operands to be compared.


Tells whether the operation should be accomplished across lists (FALSE) or down lists (TRUE).


Comparisons are made by isTRUE(all.equal(a, b)) so that variations among numbers within the computational precision will still return TRUE.

If EXACT comparison is needed, use identical_byname, which compares using identical(a, b).


TRUE iff all information is equal, including row and column types and row and column names and entries in the matrices.


a <- matrix(1:4, nrow = 2)
b <- matrix(1:4, nrow = 2)
equal_byname(a, b)
equal_byname(a, b + 1e-100)
identical_byname(a, b + 1e-100)
a <- a %>% setrowtype("Industries") %>% setcoltype("Commodities")
equal_byname(a, b) # FALSE because a has row and column types, but b does not.
b <- b %>% setrowtype("Industries") %>% setcoltype("Commodities")
equal_byname(a, b)
dimnames(a) <- list(c("i1", "i2"), c("c1", "c2"))
dimnames(b) <- list(c("c1", "c2"), c("i1", "i2"))
equal_byname(a, b) # FALSE, because row and column names are not equal
dimnames(b) <- dimnames(a)
equal_byname(a, b)

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