metan-package: Multi-Environment Trial Analysis

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Multi-Environment Trial Analysis


metan provides functions for performing the most used analyses in the evaluation of multi-environment trials, including, but not limited to:

  • ANOVA-based stability statistics;

  • AMMI-based stability indexes;

  • BLUP-based stability indexes;

  • Cross-validation procedures for AMMI-family and BLUP models;

  • GGE biplot analysis;

  • Estimation using AMMI considering different numbers of interaction principal component axes;

  • Graphics tools for generating biplots;

  • Nonparametric stability statistics;

  • Variance components and genetic parameters in mixed-effect models;

  • Within-environment analysis of variance;

metan also provides functions for biometrical analysis such as path analysis, canonical correlation, partial correlation, clustering analysis, as well as tools for summarizing and plotting data.

A complete guide may be found at

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