multilevel: Multilevel Functions

The functions in this package are designed to be used in the analysis of multilevel data by applied psychologists. The package includes functions for estimating common within-group agreement and reliability indices. The package also contains basic data manipulation functions that facilitate the analysis of multilevel and longitudinal data.

AuthorPaul Bliese
Date of publication2016-08-04 11:45:37
MaintainerPaul Bliese <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

ad.m: Average deviation around mean or median

ad.m.sim: Simulate significance of average deviation around mean or...

awg: Brown and Hauenstein (2005) awg agreement index

bh1996: Data from Bliese and Halverson (1996)

bhr2000: Data from Bliese, Halverson and Rothberg (2000)

boot.icc: Bootstrap ICC values in 2-level data

chen2005: Data from Chen (2005)

cohesion: Five cohesion ratings from 11 individuals nested in 4...

cordif: Estimate whether two independent correlations differ

cordif.dep: Estimate whether two dependent correlations differ

cronbach: Estimate Cronbach's Alpha

GmeanRel: Group Mean Reliability from an lme model (nlme package)

graph.ran.mean: Graph Random Group versus Actual Group distributions

ICC1: Function to Estimate Intraclass Correlation Coefficient 1 or...

ICC2: Function to Estimate Intraclass Correlation Coefficient 2 or... Item-total correlations

klein2000: Data from Klein, Bliese, Kozlowski et al., (2000)

lq2002: Data used in special issue of Leadership Quarterly, Vol. 13,...

make.univ: Convert data from multivariate to univariate form Randomly mix grouped data

mult.icc: Multiple ICCs from a dataset

mult.make.univ: Convert two or more variables from multivariate to univariate...

quantile.agree.sim: S3 method for class 'agree.sim'

quantile.disagree.sim: S3 method for class 'disagree.sim'

quantile.rgr.waba: S3 method for class 'rgr.waba' Randomly mix grouped data and return function results

rgr.agree: Random Group Resampling for Within-group Agreement

rgr.OLS: Random Group Resampling OLS Regression

rgr.waba: Random Group Resampling of Covariance Theorem Decomposition

rmv.blanks: Remove blanks spaces from non-numeric variables imported from...

rtoz: Conducts an r to z transformation

rwg: James et al., (1984) agreement index for single item measures

rwg.j: James et al., (1984) agreement index for multi-item scales

rwg.j.lindell: Lindell et al. r*wg(j) agreement index for multi-item scales

rwg.j.sim: Simulate rwg(j) values from a random null distribution

rwg.sim: Simulate rwg values from a random null distribution

sam.cor: Generate a Sample that Correlates with a Fixed Set of...

sherifdat: Sherif (1935) group data from 3 person teams

simbias: Simulate Standard Error Bias in Non-Independent Data

sim.icc: Simulate 2-level ICC(1) values with and without level-1...

sobel: Estimate Sobel's (1982) Test for Mediation

summary.agree.sim: S3 method for class 'agree.sim'

summary.disagree.sim: S3 method for class 'disagree.sim'

summary.rgr.agree: S3 method for class 'rgr.agree'

summary.rgr.waba: S3 method for class 'rgr.waba'

tankdat: Tank data from Bliese and Lang (in press)

univbct: Data from Bliese and Ployhart (2002)

waba: Covariance Theoreom Decomposition of Bivariate Two-Level...

Files in this package

multilevel/man/ad.m.sim.Rd multilevel/man/rwg.j.sim.Rd multilevel/man/cordif.dep.Rd multilevel/man/summary.disagree.sim.Rd multilevel/man/rwg.sim.Rd multilevel/man/awg.Rd multilevel/man/rwg.j.lindell.Rd multilevel/man/mult.icc.Rd multilevel/man/tankdat.Rd multilevel/man/rwg.j.Rd multilevel/man/chen2005.Rd multilevel/man/bh1996.Rd multilevel/man/ICC1.Rd multilevel/man/lq2002.Rd multilevel/man/rgr.OLS.Rd multilevel/man/ multilevel/man/cordif.Rd multilevel/man/mult.make.univ.Rd multilevel/man/summary.agree.sim.Rd multilevel/man/sobel.Rd multilevel/man/ multilevel/man/cronbach.Rd multilevel/man/rtoz.Rd multilevel/man/bhr2000.Rd multilevel/man/summary.rgr.agree.Rd multilevel/man/cohesion.Rd multilevel/man/simbias.Rd multilevel/man/ multilevel/man/GmeanRel.Rd multilevel/man/rgr.agree.Rd multilevel/man/sim.icc.Rd multilevel/man/ICC2.Rd multilevel/man/rmv.blanks.Rd multilevel/man/summary.rgr.waba.Rd multilevel/man/univbct.Rd multilevel/man/boot.icc.Rd multilevel/man/rgr.waba.Rd multilevel/man/sherifdat.Rd multilevel/man/quantile.disagree.sim.Rd multilevel/man/quantile.agree.sim.Rd multilevel/man/graph.ran.mean.Rd multilevel/man/make.univ.Rd multilevel/man/waba.Rd multilevel/man/quantile.rgr.waba.Rd multilevel/man/rwg.Rd multilevel/man/ad.m.Rd multilevel/man/klein2000.Rd multilevel/man/sam.cor.Rd

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