multilevel: Multilevel Functions

The functions in this package are designed to be used in the analysis of multilevel data by applied psychologists. The package includes functions for estimating common within-group agreement and reliability indices. The package also contains basic data manipulation functions that facilitate the analysis of multilevel and longitudinal data.

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AuthorPaul Bliese
Date of publication2016-08-04 11:45:37
MaintainerPaul Bliese <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

ad.m: Average deviation around mean or median

ad.m.sim: Simulate significance of average deviation around mean or...

awg: Brown and Hauenstein (2005) awg agreement index

bh1996: Data from Bliese and Halverson (1996)

bhr2000: Data from Bliese, Halverson and Rothberg (2000)

boot.icc: Bootstrap ICC values in 2-level data

chen2005: Data from Chen (2005)

cohesion: Five cohesion ratings from 11 individuals nested in 4...

cordif: Estimate whether two independent correlations differ

cordif.dep: Estimate whether two dependent correlations differ

cronbach: Estimate Cronbach's Alpha

GmeanRel: Group Mean Reliability from an lme model (nlme package)

graph.ran.mean: Graph Random Group versus Actual Group distributions

ICC1: Function to Estimate Intraclass Correlation Coefficient 1 or...

ICC2: Function to Estimate Intraclass Correlation Coefficient 2 or... Item-total correlations

klein2000: Data from Klein, Bliese, Kozlowski et al., (2000)

lq2002: Data used in special issue of Leadership Quarterly, Vol. 13,...

make.univ: Convert data from multivariate to univariate form Randomly mix grouped data

mult.icc: Multiple ICCs from a dataset

mult.make.univ: Convert two or more variables from multivariate to univariate...

quantile.agree.sim: S3 method for class 'agree.sim'

quantile.disagree.sim: S3 method for class 'disagree.sim'

quantile.rgr.waba: S3 method for class 'rgr.waba' Randomly mix grouped data and return function results

rgr.agree: Random Group Resampling for Within-group Agreement

rgr.OLS: Random Group Resampling OLS Regression

rgr.waba: Random Group Resampling of Covariance Theorem Decomposition

rmv.blanks: Remove blanks spaces from non-numeric variables imported from...

rtoz: Conducts an r to z transformation

rwg: James et al., (1984) agreement index for single item measures

rwg.j: James et al., (1984) agreement index for multi-item scales

rwg.j.lindell: Lindell et al. r*wg(j) agreement index for multi-item scales

rwg.j.sim: Simulate rwg(j) values from a random null distribution

rwg.sim: Simulate rwg values from a random null distribution

sam.cor: Generate a Sample that Correlates with a Fixed Set of...

sherifdat: Sherif (1935) group data from 3 person teams

simbias: Simulate Standard Error Bias in Non-Independent Data

sim.icc: Simulate 2-level ICC(1) values with and without level-1...

sobel: Estimate Sobel's (1982) Test for Mediation

summary.agree.sim: S3 method for class 'agree.sim'

summary.disagree.sim: S3 method for class 'disagree.sim'

summary.rgr.agree: S3 method for class 'rgr.agree'

summary.rgr.waba: S3 method for class 'rgr.waba'

tankdat: Tank data from Bliese and Lang (in press)

univbct: Data from Bliese and Ployhart (2002)

waba: Covariance Theoreom Decomposition of Bivariate Two-Level...


ad.m Man page
ad.m.sim Man page
awg Man page
bh1996 Man page
bhr2000 Man page
boot.icc Man page
chen2005 Man page
cohesion Man page
cordif Man page
cordif.dep Man page
cronbach Man page
GmeanRel Man page
graph.ran.mean Man page
ICC1 Man page
ICC2 Man page Man page
klein2000 Man page
lq2002 Man page
make.univ Man page Man page
mult.icc Man page
mult.make.univ Man page
quantile.agree.sim Man page
quantile.disagree.sim Man page
quantile.rgr.waba Man page Man page
rgr.agree Man page
rgr.OLS Man page
rgr.waba Man page
rmv.blanks Man page
rtoz Man page
rwg Man page
rwg.j Man page
rwg.j.lindell Man page
rwg.j.sim Man page
rwg.sim Man page
sam.cor Man page
sherifdat Man page
simbias Man page
sim.icc Man page
sobel Man page
summary.agree.sim Man page
summary.disagree.sim Man page
summary.rgr.agree Man page
summary.rgr.waba Man page
tankdat Man page
univbct Man page
waba Man page

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