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Multilevel Functions

ad.mAverage deviation around mean or median
ad.m.simSimulate significance of average deviation around mean or...
awgBrown and Hauenstein (2005) awg agreement index
bh1996Data from Bliese and Halverson (1996)
bhr2000Data from Bliese, Halverson and Rothberg (2000)
boot.iccBootstrap ICC values in 2-level data
chen2005Data from Chen (2005)
cohesionFive cohesion ratings from 11 individuals nested in 4...
cordifEstimate whether two independent correlations differ
cordif.depEstimate whether two dependent correlations differ
cronbachEstimate Cronbach's Alpha
GmeanRelGroup Mean Reliability from an lme model (nlme package)
graph.ran.meanGraph Random Group versus Actual Group distributions
ICC1Function to Estimate Intraclass Correlation Coefficient 1 or...
ICC2Function to Estimate Intraclass Correlation Coefficient 2 or...
item.totalItem-total correlations
klein2000Data from Klein, Bliese, Kozlowski et al., (2000)
lq2002Data used in special issue of Leadership Quarterly, Vol. 13,...
make.univConvert data from multivariate to univariate form
mix.dataRandomly mix grouped data
mult.iccMultiple ICCs from a dataset
mult.make.univConvert two or more variables from multivariate to univariate...
quantile.agree.simS3 method for class 'agree.sim'
quantile.disagree.simS3 method for class 'disagree.sim'
quantile.rgr.wabaS3 method for class 'rgr.waba'
ran.groupRandomly mix grouped data and return function results
rgr.agreeRandom Group Resampling for Within-group Agreement
rgr.OLSRandom Group Resampling OLS Regression
rgr.wabaRandom Group Resampling of Covariance Theorem Decomposition
rmv.blanksRemove blanks spaces from non-numeric variables imported from...
rtozConducts an r to z transformation
rwgJames et al., (1984) agreement index for single item measures
rwg.jJames et al., (1984) agreement index for multi-item scales
rwg.j.lindellLindell et al. r*wg(j) agreement index for multi-item scales
rwg.j.simSimulate rwg(j) values from a random null distribution
rwg.simSimulate rwg values from a random null distribution
sam.corGenerate a Sample that Correlates with a Fixed Set of...
sherifdatSherif (1935) group data from 3 person teams
simbiasSimulate Standard Error Bias in Non-Independent Data
sim.iccSimulate 2-level ICC(1) values with and without level-1...
sobelEstimate Sobel's (1982) Test for Mediation
summary.agree.simS3 method for class 'agree.sim'
summary.disagree.simS3 method for class 'disagree.sim'
summary.rgr.agreeS3 method for class 'rgr.agree'
summary.rgr.wabaS3 method for class 'rgr.waba'
tankdatTank data from Bliese and Lang (in press)
univbctData from Bliese and Ployhart (2002)
wabaCovariance Theoreom Decomposition of Bivariate Two-Level...
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