sherifdat: Sherif (1935) group data from 3 person teams

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This data set contains estimates of movement length (in inches) of a light in a completely dark room. Eight groups of three individuals provided three estimates for a total of 72 observations. In four of the groups, participants first made estimates alone prior to providing estimates as a group. In the other four groups participants started as groups. Lang and Bliese (forthcoming) used these data to illustrate how variance functions in mixed-effects models (lme) could be used to test whether groups displayed consensus emergence. Data were obtained from




A dataframe with 5 columns and 72 observations

[,1] person numeric Participant ID within a group
[,2] time numeric Measurment Occasion
[,3] group numeric Group Identifier
[,4] y numeric Estimate of movement length in inches
[,4] condition numeric Experimental Condition for either starting individually (1) or as a group (0)


Sherif, M. (1935). A study of some social factors in perception: Chapter 3. Archives of Psychology, 27, 23- 46.

Lang, J. W. B., & Bliese, P. D. (forthcoming). A Temporal Perspective on Emergence: Using 3-level Mixed Effects Models to Track Consensus Emergence in Groups.

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